Cube Post-curing C3

Curing washing machine light curing 3D printer curing drying resin preheating secondary light curing box.

Product Details

                                                             Cube Post-curing C3

Wiiboox Light Cure G3(图1)

         Curing washing machine light curing 3D printer curing drying resin preheating secondary 

light curing box.


Tesh Specs

Cleaning volume

5.5 inch,8.9 inch

Display method

OLED display screen

Way to control

Select button

Package volume


Curing volume


Machine size




Rated optical power




Wiiboox Light Cure G3(图3)


. Simple and easy to use, one machine for multiple uses, cleaning, curing and drying.

           Wiiboox Light Cure G3(图2)

. Multiple cleaning modes, turbo high-speed cleaning is thorough, ultrasonic vibration 

  deep cleaning.

           Wiiboox Light Cure G3(图3)

. Independent heating system, dual temperature control.

                            Wiiboox Light Cure G3(图4)

. The high-power LG UV lamp has a long-lasting life. The top lamp is added with two side lamps, 

  and the rotating platform is efficient and evenly cured. With heating, the curing effect exceeds 

  the curing only mode.

Wiiboox Light Cure G3(图5)

Product Details

  Wiiboox Light Cure G3(图8)


Parts List

1.Light Cure curing box
2. Instructions
3.USB turbine
4. Power cord
5. Water tank
6. Basket


professional knowledge

. The role of curing and preheating: reducing deformation and curing uniformly

During the post-curing process, the resin model is fully exposed to 405nm light, thereby increasing 

the strength and hardness of the material. Heating can accelerate the formation of more chemical 

bonds, so that post-curing becomes more efficient, thereby optimizing material properties.

. Expansion of drying mode

Photosensitive resin preheating: When the temperature is low, the photosensitive resin will be more 

viscous due to its inherent characteristics, which will affect the printing success rate (broken, non-

forming, non-sticky, etc.). At this time, you can use the advanced heating mode of Light Cure for 

preheating .

. FDM Consumables Drying

Dry the moisture-absorbing PLA\ABS\PC\PVA and other good consumables 

to make FDM printing recover better

. Dry immediately after cleaning
Do not dry the alcohol on the surface of the cleaned model, under the unidirectional irradiation of the 

curing lamp, it will form a strong pull between the surface and the internal stress and cause cracks.

. Choice of lotion

Please use high-concentration alcohol (above 95%) to clean the model. IPA isopropyl alcohol (≥95%) 

can make the cleaning process easier and does not damage the chemical structure of the resin cured 

product itself, but IPA is an industrial solvent with a pungent taste Nose, please use it with caution.

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