3D Printers High Resolution

3D Printers High Resolution
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Product Details

3D Printers High Resolution

Air-purification system,Fast printer speed,2K HD LCD.

Tech Specs

P6 Tech Space web


LCD 3D Printer CubeX P6.0 screw material


1.Does CubeX support third-party resins

We have fine tuned and calibrated our resin to give outstanding results and enable parts to be fabricated with real 100-micron resolution. Once third-party resins are involved, we won’t have control over the properties and process, so the outcome could be compromised. For this reason, the CubeX doesn’t support third-party resins. We’ve done our best to offer high-quality resins at a competitive price, so you won’t need to go after third-party resins.

2.How about FEP thickness.

We find 100um is best result after developed, the highest transparent product CubeX choose best quality FEP.

Video: https://youtu.be/mYH9M0gQsMg

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