3D Printers in Store

CubeX P8.9 are so easy to operate, support WiFi, cable or USB connection, CubeX P8.9 free slice software can be download on our website. simply introducing printing file and connecting Dazz 3D, finished all setup.

Product Details

3D Printers in Store

On top of the excellent thermal management we have in the printer, we have vented the reflective chamber to allow better airflow from the heat generated by the UV LED.

Tech Specs

P9 Tech Space×2


LCD 3D Printer CubeX P8.9 custom packaging


1.Is the shield really Amber? Wouldn’t that allow the wrong wavelengths through that could prematurely cure the resin??

The shield effectively blocks uv light. we can leave excess resin in the tank for days with no problem.


2.What's the color of the Orange glass?

Not much in terms UV protection in terms of the printer. Glass filters 90%+ of the UV from your house windows. The plastic windows on the printer cabinet does a tiny bit. It would matter more if you were outdoor and the type of pigment in you solution. At that point, we can use orange or blue glass. I have left black, clear resin for several day without any problem.

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