3D Printers Jewellery

3D Printers Jewellery
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3D Printers Jewellery

 Cost-effective products, 2K HD LCD Resolustion, best desktop 3d printers of Jewellery.

Tech Specs

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LCD 3D Printer CubeX P6.0 touch panel datasheetkk_b


1.Why we should choose CubeX instead of other LCD-SLA printer?

1) Our main focus has been to create the most user-friendly printer available. This has resulted in an intuitive process from start to finish.

2) The design of our vat and build platform is totally different than other printers. The build platform doesn’t require leveling. And both the platform and vat are connected to the printer with magnets, making is really quick and easy to deal with.

3) We are the low cost LCD-SLA printer company and will provide extensive user support throughout the life of the product.


2.Would this unit work well for making frame perfectly like jewellery and dragons?

Yes, it will. Making monsters for roleplaying games, but it can make animals, inanimate objects, basically whatever you can find a design for within the size parameters (you will just need to find or create the files for the figures themselves, but the detail is great).

Video: https://youtu.be/mYH9M0gQsMg

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