3D Printers Medical

3D Printers Medical
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3D Printers Medical

Air-purification system,Fast printer speed,research and development for medical.

Tech Specs

P6 Tech Space web


LCD 3D Printer CubeX P6.0 model7


1.Do you need to have a UV Lamp to cure the finished product after printing?

I just leave it outside for a few hours in the sun. If you don't have good direct sunlight, then put it outside and do what you want to do, you will find it is ok after you remember this frame.


2.Does this printer work with Apple? Is it compatible with various types of resins or does it only work with the resin of its manufacturer? thanks

At presently it support Windows system, I'm sure the final release will support in Mac OS.Yes, this is compatible with a lot of different DLP resins, not limited to only the Xinshan CubeX resin.

Video: https://youtu.be/mYH9M0gQsMg

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