3D Printers Mini

3D Printers Mini
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3D Printers Mini

Air-purification system,Fast printer speed,Destop and table.

Tech Specs

P6 Tech Space web


LCD 3D Printer CubeX P6.0 screw material


1.What is the expected lifespan of the LCD and LED?

We use Sharp LCD screens in the CubeX. These are very common is smartphones and tablets, they are widely available and extremely durable. The LCD is also protected by many "safety" measures, not only is it spring loaded to avoid too much pressure being applied, but the platform is also designed in such a way that it will simply disengage before being forced onto the LCD screen protector. Glass under the LCD also protects it from the heat of the LED and a durable screensaver made from high aluminosilicate glass on top protects it from the heat of the photo polymerization.

This is such a new technology, meaning that extensive testing over a prolonged time frame has simply not taken place yet to determine these exact numbers. Without ever having either a LCD die, it's hard to say just how long they will last, but through our extremely extensive testing, we have had no failures.The lifespan of the LED is 50,000 hours.


2.How well does this seal in the smells if at all from the resin?

When it's running not at all. When it's not running you don't get much of a smell.

Video: https://youtu.be/mYH9M0gQsMg

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