3D Printers with Large Build Volume

3D Printers with Large Build Volume
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3D Printers with Large Build Volume

Exclusive customization 4K black and white screen, working rule temperature 70 degrees.No screen components need to be replaced within 1 year.

Semiconductor forced air cooling is upgraded to a combination of semiconductor refrigeration and water-cooled semiconductor.It dissipates faster.

Tech Specs

P13.3 Tech Space×2





1.does this come with a sample bottle of resin?

Yes. we will give 250ml resin for free.


2.Would this do well printing a cell phone case tall-ways, since height is the longest?

I have not personally tried printing a case but this printer could easily handle it. I would not print it vertical though. I would probably do it at an angle with the inner part facing down to allow resin to drain during printing as well as aiding in stability. Printing it vertical would be more likely to deal with residue.

Video: https://youtu.be/aHcZ0_CaaH8

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