Industrial SLA 3D Printer For Engineering

The machine is industrial grade developed product. Big printing size 600*600*450mm, high printing efficiency (1.3 times than normal SLA printer). Capacity 5.5kg printing raw material everyday. High precision and stable characteristics. Printing frame has good surface appearance. Fit for different printing raw materials, high toughness, high temperature resistance, high transparency, meet many engineering application requirement. Reduce manufacturing cost, useful for small batch production.

Product Details

Equipment parameters

Laser type

Solid-state   Laser Nd:YV04


UV λ=355nm

Mini.   Power

350mv   (Actual)

Spot   diameter

0.1-0.5   (Variable)

Scanning   mode

Scancube10   (Import)

Selected   domestic

Part   scanning speed


Part   jump speed


Control system

3DP   V2.01

File   type

STL,   SLC slicing

Coating   method

Intelligent   positioning vacuum coating

Normal   layer thickness


Quick   production layer thickness


Vertical   resolution


Repeated   positioning accuracy


Dimensional   accuracy


Function characteristics

1、Large volume with high precision: 600 X 600 X 450 printing space, Maximum improves production efficiency and flexibility. Accuracy grade 0.05 mm, can manufacture precision parts and complex structure.

2、Variable spot technology: Core components of patented technology, freely switch variable spot system, improve printing efficiency, meet enterprise’ product development requirement.

3、Negative pressure coating system: Auto level regulation smoothing liquid surface, layer thickness can be precision 0.05mm, improve printing frame surface evenness.

4、Industrial operation platform: Big size LCD display panel, good interface, easy operation, meet many end customers.

5、Multiple raw materials choice: Support high transparency\colorful\high temperature resistance\high toughness; meet various industry material characteristics requirement.


★Hand board industry★Auto parts★Home appliances★Lamp design manufacturing★Cultural innovation and animation★Medical model and equipment★Education industry

SLA 普通材料

SLA 普通材料SLA 模型2