Desktop White Light 3D Scanner

The desktop Grade 3D scanner, with high precision industrial vision sensors and lenses, is designed in a modular, expandable body design that provides users with an easy to use 3D scanning system for everything from small accessories to large industrial parts.

Product Details

Product Description

desktop-level 3D scanner with high-precision industrial vision sensor and lens, modular building expandable body design, built on demand, with fully automatic dual-axis turntable, one-click to achieve three-dimensional scanning of different sizes and precision. Ultra-thin turntable, integrated folding body three-second opening and closing, small space occupation, convenient packaging and storage; a variety of working distances for the body to choose from, refreshing cable management, magnetic installation, plug and play.

Technical Parameters
Scan model:Turntable automatic scanning、Free scan
Splicing ways:Turntable automatic splicing、Marks splicing、Manual Splicing
accuracy:Volume accuracy is 0.05mm. Detail accuracy 0.01mm
Scanning area(Turntable scan):200X150x150mm
Scanning area(Professional scan):1200X1200X1200mm
Scan speed:≤3min
Texture scan:24-bit true color support texture export and import Texture split and edit
Output formats:STL、ASC、OBJ、PLY、VTK、OFF
Sensor resolution:300WIndustrial CMOS
Coded transmitter:LED Eye-safe
Shooting distance:400mm
Operating temperature range:0℃-40℃
Power adapter:DC12V,5A
Turntable weight capacity:5kg
Recommended computer system:OS: Windows7(64bit) CPU:intel i5 处理器(processor) RAM:4GB及以上(or above) GPU:NVIDIA GTX650以上(or above)