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1.Why Choose CubeX 3D printer products?

●CubeX are designed for teacher\designer\dentist\individual maker. It is a good option with price and quality

2.What is Pocket NC?

●Pocket NC is designed as 5 Axis digital machine tool. Controlled by Windows system, use CAD or CAM to mill. Pocket NC support G code control as well, it is our best sale.

3.How about resin material?

●We have standard resin, tough resin, rigid resin, flexible resin, high transparency resin, etc. all are made in China with SGS certificate, price is competitive

4.How about finished Moulding?

●All finished moulding seems perfect, do not need buffing and painting.

5.Can't find what you want?

●We are here to help from Monday to Saturday

9am - 9pm for China & International

6.Do you have any MOQ?

●No, we can supply one piece machine and one bottle resin

7.What kind of payment accepted

●Credit Card, West Union, Paypal, Bank transfer

8.What kind of Package?

●Outside strong cartoon, inside model EPE and foam, 4pcs use strong pallets

9.What kind of logistics?

●Normally send by air, accept to use UPS/Fedex/DHL/EMS if collected

10.How much does US shipping cost?

●The shipping cost varies by location. We’re asking you to add $50 for most printer-level rewards. Let’s hope we unlock the free shipping stretch goal!

11.How about Guarantee?

●One year

12.What’s the difference between the CubeX and SLA 3D printers?

●SLA 3D printers use a laser beam to cure the resin. The XY resolution of printed parts is dependent on the diameter of the laser beam, which is 300 microns. The CubeX does not have this limitation and can print at 100-micron XY resolution, three times better than other SLA printers. The other difference is the speed of fabrication. The printing speed depends on the complexity of the parts in SLA 3D printers, but with the CubeX the complexity does not affect the printing speed

13..Does CubeX support third-party resins?

●We have fine tuned and calibrated our resin to give outstanding results and enable parts to be fabricated with real 100-micron resolution. Once third-party resins are involved, we won’t have control over the properties and process, so the outcome could be compromised. For this reason, the CubeX doesn’t support third-party resins. We’ve done our best to offer high-quality resins at a competitive price, so you won’t need to go after third-party resins.

14.What is the cleanup process for parts printed with the CubeX?

●Our resin can be cleaned very easily compared to other resins. You can either wipe it 

off with a paper towel or wash it off with hot water or alcohol. Remove the supports and you 

are ready to go! Using sunlight or a post-curing chamber is optional.

15.Why we should choose CubeX instead of other LCD-SLA printer?

●1) Our main focus has been to create the most user-friendly printer available. This has resulted in an intuitive process from start to finish. 

2) The design of our vat and build platform is totally different than other printers. The build platform doesn’t require leveling. And both the platform and vat are connected to the printer with magnets, making is really quick and easy to deal with. 

3) We are the low cost LCD-SLA printer company and will provide extensive user support throughout the life of the product.

16.Do I have to have internet when controlling the printer wirelessly?

●No you don’t. However it has to be either on a local area network or connected directly to your wifi device (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet).

17.How do I connect the CubeX to my device?

●You can either connect the CubeX to your device via Wifi or via an Ethernet cable directly plugged into your router.

18.How about FEP thickness

●We find 100um is best result after developed, the highest transparent product CubeX choose best quality FEP

19.What is the expected lifespan of the LCD and LED?

●We use Sharp LCD screens in the CubeX. These are very common is smartphones and tablets, they are widely available and extremely durable. The LCD is also protected by many "safety" measures, not only is it spring loaded to avoid too much pressure being applied, but the platform is also designed in such a way that it will simply disengage before being forced onto the LCD screen protector. Glass under the LCD also protects it from the heat of the LED and a durable screensaver made from high aluminosilicate glass on top protects it from the heat of the photo polymerization. 

This is such a new technology, meaning that extensive testing over a prolonged time frame has simply not taken place yet to determine these exact numbers. Without ever having either a LCD die, it's hard to say just how long they will last, but through our extremely extensive testing, we have had no failures. 

The lifespan of the LED is 50,000 hours.