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[star] Snow Wright LED Intelligent Bulb And Dismantling

Now there are too many in the industry colleagues and experts in q: don't want to use mobile phone APP to adjust the light bulb? This raises our reflection on the concept of intelligence. Of course, these problems just digression. Smart move light toning and induction and future development trend.

Although smart bulb for a long time, but pure homebred or rarely. Snow Wright as one of the few successful make smart bulb domestic enterprises, the development speed and the product planning ability is very strong. How, then, take a look at the product?

White paper packaging, simple and easy. Slightly less than the packing design color and color is close, no contrast.

After opening the package, shine at the moment:

Product parameters here, there is no Bai Guangshi, can how many lumens of light, it is a small defects. Perhaps, that's what companies want to guide consumers not to use smart bulb just as the function of the lamp, more should pay attention to its characteristics of the fun.

In the instruction on the qr code, can be downloaded for consumer mobile phone APP, software support android system and apple system. Through the actual test, apple system adjustment smoother, often appear android connection is broken.

The first column of the test data, test data is the white light of the measured power will only be about 5 w, luminous flux 380 lumens. The data can be reached to lighting requirements, force can be instead of 40 w common incandescent lamp. Other column is according to different color cases in software test data.

How to realize so many color change? To open the lamp shade.

Open the lampshade can see there are two kinds of LED light source, decorate in the lamp on the plate. Eight white LED 2835 and 8 5050 RGB lamp bead.

White light, only white leds conduction.

Send all the colourful, by adjusting the current of RGB chip implementation.

To all sorts of color gradients, drive circuit is the core.

Drive current except for the LED power supply, but also can adjust the bright and dark of each chip. Adopted the special module to control adjustment.

After opening the package that is metal shell. In the process of down the chimney, had an accident.