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3D Printing Auto Have 10k Order

Nov 13, 2019

3D printing auto company XEV set up opening ceremony in Shanghai, the 3D printing auto named YOYO, following is characteristics:

Unit price Euro5,500 to 6,500 per set.

Max speed is 70km/h and endurance distance is 150km to 180km.

9.6kwh battery with 48V motor.

2.5m*1.5m size.

450kg weight without battery.

3D printing manufacturing spend 12month with cost 4.28M USD, lower than traditional manufacturing 35month 50M USD.

Quick response and flexible manufacturing, meet end customer different requirement.

It will be most popular in Europe to use 3D printing auto, without carbon and energy save, we hope more and more 3D printing auto in China in near future.