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3D Printing Helps The Digital Transformation Of The Dental Industry

Sep 24, 2020

With the continuous expansion and subdivision of the oral medical industry market in my country, traditional production methods are no longer 

sufficient  to  meet  diverse  needs.  The  emergence of 3D printing  technology  can not only create customized dental correction solutions for 

patients, but also Dental clinics provide a more efficient and cost-effective digital production method.

                                                          3D printing helps the digital transformation of the dental industry(图1)

HP 3D printing technology not only benefits the manufacturers of dental equipment, but also accelerates the digital transformation journey of 

orthodontic clinics.  Smile  Direct Club is just  such a dental  orthodontic  service provider,  providing customers with high-quality  customized  

digital  orthodontic  solutions  from dental diagnosis to dental  mold making. With the support of HP MJF 3D printing technology, Smile Direct  

Club  produces more than  50,000 dental molds every day,  and will achieve the goal of 20 million dental molds annually within one year.

For the laboratory, this entire process  requires 10 minutes of design time and requires the patient to make two appointments with the dentist. 

After using HP MJF 3D printing technology, the production efficiency of the entire process has been increased by nearly 4 times  and the cost 

has  been  reduced  by  78%.  In 2019,  Biotech Dental has been able to produce 250 molds in one day, which is greatly attributed to the high 

productivity brought by HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.

For dental equipment manufacturers, 3D printing technology helps companies to vertically integrate, improve the supply chain, greatly reduce  

production cost, and improve production efficiency and manufacturing quality. For consumers, 3D printing exponentially improves the wearing  

comfort of  patients  by virtue of its  "customization" ability,  allowing  patients to have a better  recovery experience and gain a more confident 

new smile.