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3D Printing Market Booming And Domestic Manufactuers Grow Up

Oct 28, 2019

According to CCTV (China Central Television), applying for listed company have so many 3D printer manufacturer, some companies increase double income, and over 35% profit.

All about 3D printer line is booming in recent years

Special application 3D printer like ceramic material 3D printer, in Year 2017, do not sell several sets of printer, but this year, sales income is over USD1M, different customers have different requirement, they want to buy 3D ceramic printer to solve complicate frame, over USD4,500 per set is best selling one.

Now market for 3D printers are divided to consume and industry, price from USD500 to USD5M, now domestic 3D printer manufactuers grow up, price go down and sales increase.

In year 2017, main 3D printers are imported aboard, now price is 80% with sales double.

New technolog company and traditional 2D printer company with camera manufacturer enter this line to extend 3D printer market.

But we must know, 3D printer are including many field like mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, software engineer, hardware engineer, raw material engineer, we need so many engineer with inter discipline, and scientists.

One exhibition in Shenzhen, most advanced 3D printer have Z axis speed over 300mm/h, it is 50-100 times than normal DLP LCD 3D printer, total market will be USD1.2B.

Most normal application will be aerospace, industry equipment, medicine, consume electronics, it will be over 78% in total market