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Advantage Of LED Spotlights

LED spotlights are spotlights using light-emitting diodes as a light source. Traditional spotlights and more use of halogen lamps, luminous efficiency is lower, more power consumption, the ambient temperature is irradiated, short life. LED in the light principle, energy saving, environmental protection are far better than the traditional lighting products. And LED light unidirectional form the perfect support for spotlights with light.

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LED spotlights advantages

LED spotlight Chinese name is the United States and the United States LED, it is the most talked about the current high-tech industries, the current LED as a light source made of more and more lamps, of which the most praised is the LED spotlights, because Compared with other LED lamps, LED spotlights lower prices.

1. LED spotlights can be driven by using low-voltage direct current: with the advantages of small load and weak interference, and low requirements on the use environment.

2. LED spot light can better control the composition of the light spectrum, which can be well used in museums and exhibition hall in the local or key lighting.

3. LED spotlights very directional lighting: brightness attenuation much lower than traditional light sources, LED lighting prices civilian. 4. LED Spotlight response time is very fast: in the microsecond level, as long as the switch is turned on, it will be bright, there will be no delay and flashing phenomenon.

5. LED spotlights issued by the high energy concentration of light: concentrated in a smaller wavelength window, high purity.

6. Very long life: generally 50,000-100,000 hours, because the LED is a semiconductor device, even the frequent switch, it will not affect the service life.

7. Environmental protection, LED spotlight in the production process do not add "mercury", do not need to inflatable, do not need glass shell, good impact resistance, shock resistance, not broken, easy to transport, very environmentally friendly, is called "Green Energy", LED spotlight price civilian.

8. Energy-saving: LED spotlights almost all the spectrum concentrated in the visible frequency band, the luminous efficiency of up to 80 to 90%. Most people think that energy-saving lamps can save 4/5 is a great pioneer, but LED spotlights also save energy than energy-saving lamps 1/4, which is a greater solid light reform.

In addition, LED spotlights also have other advantages, high light quality, basically no radiation, LED spotlight price civilian, is a typical green light source; reliable and durable, very low maintenance costs and so on. Because LED spotlights with more than the other solid-state light source is also unmatched features, 10 years after the LED lighting industry will be the mainstream light.