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AM-Flow Will Develop New 3D Printing Software

Oct 26, 2020

In recent years, the emergence of 3D printing automation has made it an important innovation to change traditional manufacturing technology. In order to optimize the 3D printing production line and realize comprehensive production workflow management, companies such as Sintavia, AMFG, Authentise, etc. are actively promoting the automation of 3D printing workflows. Recently, the Dutch 3D printing company AM-Flow announced that it has raised US$4 million in Series A financing for the establishment of an artificial intelligence AI-based robotics solution suite, which is committed to achieving a "gradual transformation" of 3D printing automation.

AM-Flow will develop new 3D printing software

AM-Flow's product line includes two categories of hardware and software automation tools

AM-Flow was established in 2018 and has bases in the Dutch cities of Amsterdam and Eindhoven to provide 3D printing post-processing and factory automation services. Through its AI-driven technology product portfolio, the company aims to make 3D printing "realize its full potential" and make it cost-competitive in traditional manufacturing processes.

AM-Flow provides a combination of additive manufacturing hardware and MES software products, aiming to provide customers with an "end-to-end" automated production line in this way. Currently, the company's product lineup includes AM-VISION shape recognition software, AM-SORT conveyor belt hardware and AM-EXPERT support, and various other services.

With its expertise in advanced 3D shape recognition, machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies, the company has sought to expand the application range of its services in recent years. For example, 3D printing service provider Oceanz announced a partnership with AM-Flow to develop a series of fully automated AM production lines in March 2020.

According to AM-Flow, optimizing 3D printing production lines is very challenging because they need to be able to handle an almost unlimited number of possible geometric shapes. Object recognition, classification, quality control, handling, transportation, and packaging all need to be taken into account, which is why the company provides modular machine learning tools. The potential cost and efficiency savings of AM-Flow's automation services have enabled a series of investors such as BOM BOMbant and 3D printing software company Materialise to invest in its future development.

AM-Flow plans to use its newly acquired funds to build on its current AI-based robotics products and increase the speed of the 3D printing manufacturing process for customers. AM-Flow is also ambitious, hoping to play its role in the introduction of Industry 4.0, and sees its expansion as a step towards the future "lights out" fully automated factory.