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CFLS And Leds Which Good CFLS And Leds Difference Contrast

Light is essential to modern life and lighting tools, with the constant progress of science and technology, new type light source such as fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, led gradually appear, a lot of friends for leds and the concept of energy-saving lamp is very fuzzy, think the led is energy-saving lamps, this is not correct. So, energy-saving lamps and led lights which good? Let's take a look at the difference between energy-saving lamps and led lights contrast.

CFLS and leds which good CFLS and leds difference contrast

CFLS and leds which good

A, the difference of structure principle

What is the led lights

Led lights, is a kind of light emitting diode. This kind of lamps and lanterns can DianZhuan into the light.

What is the energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamps, light bulbs is generally refers to. Energy-saving lamp is at the top of the lamp holder, the lower is tube structure.

CFLS and leds which good

Second, the difference on the luminescence principle

The led luminous principle:

Leds rely on light emitting diode converts electrical energy into light energy, led is basically a small led lamp bead is encapsulated in epoxy resin, so it is very small, very light. Led power consumption is very low, the working voltage of the led is generally 2-3.6 V. Working current is 0.02 0.03 A. That is to say: it consumes the electricity is not more than 0.1 W. Under the appropriate current and voltage, led the service life of up to 100000 hours.

Energy-saving lamp luminous principle:

Through the ballast to heating lamp filament, around 1160 k temperature, filament began to launch electronic (because on the filament with some electronic powder), electron collision inelastic collision argon atoms, argon atomic energy obtained after impact and the impact of mercury atom, mercury atomic ionization produced after absorbing energy transition, 253.7 nm ultraviolet radiation, ultraviolet stimulate phosphor luminescence.

CFLS and leds which good

Third, the difference on the advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of led lights:

1, energy saving, energy consumption for a quarter of energy-saving lamps.

2, long life: life is up to 50000 hours.

3, solid-state encapsulation, belongs to the cold light source type.

4, high luminous efficiency, the price is higher.

5, environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances.

CFLS and leds which good

The advantages and disadvantages of energy-saving lamps:

1, small volume, compact configuration, high luminance.

2, start slowly, is inefficient.

3, after the production process and use waste mercury pollution.

4, glass, easily broken.

5, easy to damage and short service life.

Conclusion: leds more advantages than energy-saving lamps, led lights on both in principle and advantages and disadvantages are better, the cost of led lights with the improvement of led technology constantly, energy-saving lamps will surely be replaced by led bulbs.