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Characteristics Of LED Wall Lamp

Jan 03, 2017

Wall lamp types and styles more common ceiling lamps, color wall lamps, bedside lamp, mirror front lamp and so on. Ceiling lamp installed in the balconies, staircases, corridors, aisles and bedrooms, suitable for the ever-burning lamps; color wall lamps used in many festivals, the Festival used; most bedside lamp installed in the upper left corner of the bed, lamp universal rotating beams focused, easy to read; mirror wall decoration around the bathroom mirror before use.

Wall lamp mounting height should be slightly more than 1.8 meters or so. Wall lamp of lighting degrees should not be had big, such more rich art appeal, Wall lamp shade of select should according to wall color and set, white or milk yellow of wall, should be with light green, and blue of shade, Lake and blue of wall, should be with white, and yellowish color, and Brown of shade, such, in big area color of background wall covering, dotted Shang a only explicit purpose Wall lamp, to people to hospitality fresh of sense. Wires connecting Wall lamp to use light colors, easy to paint and wall-color paint to keep the walls clean. In addition, first dug a hole in the wall just small slot embedded wire, wire embedding, filled with lime, then coated with paints of the same color as the walls.