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China's First Concrete 3D Printing Library Unveiled In Shanghai

Mar 27, 2021

On March 21, 2021, the first book house made of concrete 3D printing in Wisdom Bay Science and Technology Park, Wenchuan Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.

3D printing library

It is understood that the interior area of the bookstore is about less than 30 square meters, which can accommodate 15 people in it. The concrete used in the book house has no steel bars, and fiber is added as a tensile material. Its performance is similar to or better than ordinary concrete, and it is also shockproof. The book house "shell" has two different textures. One is the normal printing texture, which forms a layer by layer of texture; the other is the texture of the doorway reflecting the uneven changes, which is carefully designed by the design team. These shapes are all designed in the computer and converted into codes, using a robotic arm print it out.

3D printing

Echoing this 3D printed book house, there is also the world's largest concrete 3D printed footbridge in the park, as well as 3D printed architectural sketches such as flower pots, flower beds, and chairs.

Entering the book room is a circular space, the walls are painted white, and the top is a dome space. Press the door switch button, the round skylight on the top can be opened naturally, easy to ventilate, and a floor heating system is installed. Through the circular top of the book house, you can see the outdoors.