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How About Famous EMS Company With 3D Printer

Nov 06, 2019

Jabil, famous EMS company, develop 3D printer.

According to Mr.John Dulchinos, vice GM of Jabil 3D printer SBU speech in recent time as following:

From product to customer 50M, speed is far mor quicker, aeroplane is 68years, auto is 62years, telephone is 50years, youtube is 4years, twitter is 2years, Pokemon Go is 19days.

Mass production became customer design small batch, central production became local production, cheap employees became intellectuals, digital human free factory became popular.

We already use 3D printer to make fuel spray nozzle/shoe pad/motor/auto

Now it is time to use 3D printer from R&D to production, and then to sales service, all concluded.

For example, if you use CNC produce Al need 4-6 weeks, produce PETG by 3D printer only 4-5 days

Using SLS less then 37,313 pcs is more profit than modeling, modeling need USD50,000, in future this quantity will be 64,935 pcs

Of course, 3D printer will be less weight and less raw material according to excellent design.

Deaf-aid with 3D printer, Year 2005 only 20%, Year 2008 increase to 100%

We think 3D printer have brilliant future in this century.