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How To Choose LED Lights In Different Rooms

When decorating, lamps and lanterns are used as lighting tools, which are naturally essential decoration materials. However, many kinds of lamps, chandeliers, wall lamp, lamp, lamp, ceiling lamps and so on, all kinds of lamps of a superb collection of beautiful things are different, and consumers in the purchase, it should pay attention to the quality and appearance of the lighting style, but also to observe different lamps for what occasion.

1. Bathroom

The lamps and lanterns between the bathroom are first to see the brightness of the light. The bathroom is more suitable for using incandescent lamps, but not for energy saving lamps. This is because the lamps and lanterns in the bathroom are used for short time and frequent switches. The incandescent lamp has fast start speed, short opening time and limited energy consumption. But when the energy saving lamp is low in winter, the light opening time is short, the brightness is not fully reached, and the advantages of energy saving can not be reflected. In addition, the incandescent lamp color temperature is yellow, can give people warm feeling, suitable for the bathroom especially the winter bath heating demand.

Secondly, the bathroom lamps and lanterns are more suitable for the ceiling light or wall lamp in the appearance modeling. The ceiling lamp is close to the ceiling, and it does not occupy space. It is convenient to use; the wall lamp is also suitable for bathroom. The lamps and lanterns between the walls of the wall should pay attention to the moistureproof and waterproof functions of the lamps. The sculpt of the wall lamp generally avoids the damage to the lamp by water vapor.


2. The living room

The living room is an important place for family gatherings, leisure relaxation, and reception of visitors. In general, the lamps and lanterns of the living room pay more attention to the appearance and shape of the living room. It can be chosen according to the size and style of the space. The choice of a small space can be a main lamp, space can take a variety of lamps and lanterns to create a common atmosphere. It is important to note that the living room is a place for visitors, so the light must be sufficient. The common lamp collocation style chandelier with downlight or lamp belt.

The living room.jpg

3. The bedroom

The decoration has always paid attention to the darkroom of the Ming hall. The bedroom is a place for sleeping and rest. People ask the bedroom to be dim, so softness is the key point of the lighting arrangement in the bedroom, so that the owner's mood can be relaxed. The lighting of the bedroom is best based on warm and warm yellow. At the same time, the head of the bed can be embedded in the lamp or wall lamp, and can also be embedded in the decoration cabinet, so that the room has a more romantic and comfortable atmosphere.


4. Restaurant

Dining room is an important place to eat. When you choose the lamps and lanterns of the restaurant, we should choose the warm hue lamps which can promote the appetite. The appearance of the lamps and lanterns can be selected according to the shape of the table. If the square table above the table suitable for installation of high appropriate chandeliers, and should be equipped with lampshade. If the table is round, in addition to a long line chandelier can be installed above the ceiling, the ceiling lamp can be installed on the ceiling as an auxiliary light. If the atmosphere is more exquisite when dining, the wall lamp that can be freely adjusted by brightness can be chosen as a dining room lamp.

dinner room.jpg

5. The kitchen

Lamps and lanterns in the kitchen, people pay more attention to the actual use of functionality, requirements can be illuminated, not the best space! Therefore, the kitchen lamps and lanterns try not to dress it too fancy, it is better to choose the cabinet with its own lamps and lanterns. In terms of energy saving, do not place too many lamps and lanterns. Generally do not use ceiling light, because it does not gather light, only astigmatic, so it is not suitable for installation in the kitchen. Try to choose a light warm light, this light is very beautiful.


6. The room of the study

If there is a study in the family, it is also essential to choose and match a set of lamps for the study. Besides the need for a lighting headlamp, the desk lamp is also essential. Study is an important place for work and study. Therefore, the selection of lamps and lanterns must be guaranteed to have adequate reading lighting. For the best writing often desk, on the desk by a lamp as local lighting lamps, such as professional and beautiful space. It is advisable not to use direct lighting. In addition, it is suggested that indirect light source can be placed around the ceiling for lighting. Indirect lighting can avoid visual glare damage caused by direct light.

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