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How To Let Novices Quickly Get Started Using Small 3D Printers

Dec 09, 2020

1. Clean the printing platform of a small 3D printer on time

This is when we use small 3d printers, we often overlook a point that affects the efficiency of 3d printing. The reasonable method is to wipe the printing platform with alcohol on time. Our use process more or less stains the printing platform and affects the 3D printing effect.

2. Use a small 3d printer to print ABS that must be preheated

We all know that the melting point of 3D printing material ABS is relatively high. First of all, the printing platform is preheated to the highest temperature, which can effectively prevent the 3D printing model from curling during the printing process.

If ABS plastic is used for printing, please ensure that the printing platform is preheated to the highest temperature, because the higher the temperature, the more it can prevent the ABS3d printing material from curling during the printing process.

3. Improve the efficiency of small 3D printers

When we choose to print a toy, we can improve the efficiency of small 3d printers, pre-printing, high-speed and low-precision printing, so that it does not take a long time to print the object.

4. Before applying small 3d printers, you must understand the properties of 3d printing materials

When we choose to use 3D printing materials, we must understand the properties of 3D printing materials, such as melting temperature and discharge speed. Each 3D printing material has different properties. When you use a 3D printer, you can set the parameters of a small 3D printer according to its characteristics to improve the printing effect.

5. The application of small 3D printers must be level with the printing platform

If we want to print a good 3D printing model, we can use a piece of paper to quickly detect that the Z axis of the printer nozzle is set to the height of the first layer (about the thickness of a page, slightly more), and insert the paper Enter between the printing platform and the nozzle, move the print head to the four corners and the center of the print platform. If you can move the print head freely without touching the paper, your print platform is basically horizontal.