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LED Alternative Applications - Airtight Green Plant Light

Maybe when she was younger, we all wanted to own hands to create a separate heaven and earth, even if only a small trees. However many years of scientific experiments summarized a cruel fact that completely closed ecosystem is very difficult to maintain.

As far afield as Germany designers Emilia Lucht and Arne Sebrantke also have such a wish, hope to create a fairly unique green plant light, one can allow the lamps and lanterns of green plants growing in confined space.

In order to realize this vision, they put forward many different ideas, under the repeated verification, will eventually eyes fixed on the model was named Mygdal Plantlamp point.

Finally, there are two versions, a pendant lamp, a lamp, LED lights inside the lamp, and plant will form a mini of the ecological environment, you don't need to water the plant material, plant does not need direct sunlight sunshine alternative (leds), but it can not manage all over the years continue to grow.

Still in the design of glass lamp shade is covered with a layer of conductive glass coating of patentability, invisible, and it lets current secure enough of the surface of the lamp shade transmission, so the lamp version, for example, you can see the power base and devoid of wires between the top of the LED, but the lights still on.