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LED Bulbs

Jun 26, 2017

LED bulbs


High light efficiency, high energy conversion efficiency under low luminosity (efficiency) of electric energy into light energy - that is the province electricity, very suitable for low luminosity (such as mobile phone backlight, night light) used in demand. But when their luminosity to like Taiwan head lamp, or higher, LED efficiency higher than tungsten filament bulbs, but better than fluorescent lamps (also known as light tube or tubes) poor: IEEE (institute of electrical and electronics engineers) issue of IEEE Spectrum have confirm this.

Quick response: the reaction (switch) time is short - can achieve very high flicker frequency, and even makes "visible light network" possible. Long life: long life - not affect its life by continuous flash, in the proper heat dissipation and environment of up to 35000 ~ 50000 hours (incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent lamp is 10000 ~ 15000 hours, for 1000 ~ 2000 hours). Earthquake resistant: shock resistant and other mechanical shock - because it is a solid component, no filament, glass cover, etc., relative fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp can withstand more concussion. Small volume - its own volume can be made very small (less than 2mm). Easy to focus on - with light small size and easy to achieve the required degree of distribution by lens, through changing its encapsulation shape, its light Angle by large Angle scattering to fine point of focus can be reached. Monochromatic intensity - because it is a single level of light emitted by photons, the wavelength is relatively single (relative to most artificial light sources), and can provide a variety of simple colors without a filter. Color: the color field is a broad - part white LED color field is wider than other white light sources.


High cost: the old LED light is less efficient and still consumes more power than the fluorescent light in general lighting. Some leds even consume less electricity than the light bulbs. Some design using multiple leds, while maintaining the overall luminosity under each LED can work in low luminosity, thereby increasing efficiency, but, thus greatly improve the cost price is higher than other types of bulbs.