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LED Display Industry 2016 Review And Trend Prediction (2017)

The LED display has been widely used in advertising media, sanda venues, stage performances, and other fields, has become China's most mature in the application of the LED a niche market. So in this context, how to develop Chinese LED display industry? The enterprise how to layout again? In 2016, LED display development? In 2017 in LED display industry layout analysis and trend prediction?

Back in 2016, the development of the industry as a whole LED display can be found that the LED display industry situation is as follows:

1, LED rental market again

With the widely application of the LED display in the market, in recent years, the excellent ability of advertising is more and more recognition and favor, merchants also spawned LED rental market demand at the same time, many meetings, exhibitions, performances, etc are keen on the LED rental equipment, this also it is a convenient, efficient and cost saving business an important choice.

But in the past two years, influenced by national austerity measures, for the LED rental market brings no small impact, especially the promulgation of "cultural gag reflex, star business, directly LED to the LED display rental market sharply cut stage.

After a period of time, with the understanding of the policy to return to the rational, LED lease back peak, ignited a passion in the field of leasing business. Since 2016, the domestic each big LED screen, in order to occupy the rental market scrambling to engaged in the development of new technology and new product development, new products launched a lease, made many large projects a bright, in various ways, red sea LED rental ushered in the new market.

2, intelligent instrumentation layout LED display trend more and more obvious

In recent years, as Internet, mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, wireless communication, the rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, connectivity technology provides great impetus to the development of all walks of life, in imperceptible influence the way people work and thinking habits, but also promote the innovation development strategy in all walks of life.

At present, a lot of anticipation of LED enterprises has been keenly aware of connectivity technology to promote the industry development, conveniently adjust enterprise development strategy, the enterprise brand, product, market and so on how to wisdom, instrumentation layout again, introduced a LED display and wisdom ecosystem combination of new products, it also put into the bottleneck issue of the LED display industry provides a new kinetic energy, glow the new vitality.

Due to the LED display is currently widely used in wisdom city construction, so also known as leds wisdom city terminal. LED wisdom city terminal based on the original LED display, but in the application of the technology, product form, scope of application, product function, operation and business model, and many other aspects, already have a lot of different from the original screen, its outstanding characteristic is wisdom and instrumentation.

3, VR/AR application hot LED display companies continue to layout

In 2016, combined with a display application of VR/AR technology, become much attention and expectation black science and technology. As showed an important member in the field of led display, led display hd and benefit from the small spacing intelligent display technology development, led display and overwhelming, VR/AR technology with the use of domestic led display company in 2016 into the field of VR, turn on the led display enterprise develops the AR/VR market first.

On March 22, leah, and sichuan zhisheng signed the "virtual reality technology innovation and application of" strategic cooperation agreement, the companies would formed a partnership to study small spacing LED display technology and the integration and application of VR technology, virtual reality and leah DE by participating in China industry association, and along with its strategic partners LiFeng culture, glux, number of tiger domestic tour a line of text, image digital stage, performing arts company committed to the depth development of virtual reality, tour industry, another famous augmented reality through its wholly owned subsidiary invested company Magic Leap, speed up the fusion in the field of VR/AR/MR.

Lianjian photoelectric with some domestic famous virtual reality system product and application companies for technical cooperation, research based on small spacing of LED display technology of the VR virtual display system solutions, and hope to rely on virtual reality technology is widely used in the field of education and training.

On May 9, Abby, has offered $4.5 million to buy Artixium Display Ltd. 51% stake, with the help of Artixium certification, Abby's technical reserves and led Display manufacturing capacity will be combined with Artixium technology, accelerate to develop virtual Display market.

On June 21, chau Ming technology and wonderland officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides in line with the principle of complementary advantages and win-win cooperation and sustainable development, in the field of virtual reality and visualization display comprehensive strategic cooperation, and applying VR/AR as both an important direction of development strategy.

As a newly rising technology, VR/AR display with its don't super strong immersive experience of traditional information transmission and the sense of investment focus on deeply by the market, the market prospect is very considerable, famous Digi analysis company Capital, is expected in 2020 VR/AR industry market scale will reach $30 billion and $120 billion respectively, head-mounted VR hardware market scale will reach $2.8 billion in 2020, is expected to compound growth rate of more than 100% in the next five years. Led display and the technique of VR/AR applications or will become the led display after the outbreak of small spacing of another growth point.

4, LED display, mergers and acquisitions become more rational

In 2016 led display industry phenomenon of mergers and acquisitions among enterprises are still lively, but more rational, "a word out of mergers and acquisitions" rarely happen. Led display industry in recent years, horizontal and more and more cross-border m&a cases, data statistics, since 2013, the led display industry mergers and acquisitions amount rapid growth year by year, in 2013, that figure is 2013 yuan, is 6 billion yuan, 2014 m&a target quantity and amount of mergers and acquisitions, compared to the amount of mergers and acquisitions in 2015 more than 10 billion yuan.

Indeed, the current domestic led display industry has entered a new stage of the depth adjustment. Barbarian, their rapid development, the growth of profits management model has come to an end. From incremental to the stock of competition, from the original extensive competition gradually turned to represented by capital, the technology of the comprehensive strength of competition, the enterprise comprehensive strength, the brand competition gradually strengthening factors of runoff.

Enterprise through horizontal mergers and acquisitions can bring economies of scale, improve the market share of enterprise, to crack down on competitors, improve business area entry barriers and the differentiation advantage of the enterprise, such as chau Ming acquisition ray dior, LanPu technology;

By vertical merger can do big strongest LED industry chain, to realize the depth of the industrial chain each link resources integration and optimization, improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises, such as wood Tomlinson holdings and development;

Crossover operation can make the enterprise diversification development with lower cost, decentralized company's main risks, realize the business transformation, such as rolling electronic purchase hundreds, cross-border lighting;

Transnational mergers and acquisitions to help dig more market and profit space, such as leah DE buying American flat of electronics and PLANAR.

Whatever the form of mergers and acquisitions, are part of the development strategy of enterprise itself, is the enterprise survival and development needs, and even after the enterprise in the development to a certain stage, its as the main competition in the market to remain an integral part of the competitiveness. In such a background, the small and medium-sized enterprise's survival space was squeezed, survival pressure increases abruptly, are holding, m&a has become a couldn't get rid of the problem exists in the path of enterprise development.

In 2017, LED the new trend of development of the industry:

1, the deepening of product technology and product diversification

Technology base and level of LED display industry in China, it should be said is quite advanced, the main products and key technology with the international advanced level of the industry to maintain consistent, but the craft level is relatively backward, in product standardization, the whole machine system design, reliability, manufacturing process, detection and test methods abroad have obvious difference.

LED device technology and continuously improve performance, electronic technology rapid development and for the LED display product technology to deepen and improve the good foundation. At the same time LED display in all fields of social life has been widely used, the development of semiconductor lighting industry more LED display industry bring good opportunity, therefore, the LED display market development prospects.

Deepen the technical connotation, rich product system, product diversification, highlight the advantages of the leading product is the important trend of the LED display industry in chengdu in sichuan province.

2, normal product standardization and application products in specific areas of specialization

Propaganda of the standards implementation and promotion, will promote the development of the standardization of LED display products. Conventional LED display products, standardization of display device and control system will be more widely adopted, the integration of LED display products occupied the main position in industry, standardization of LED display products the specialization of production and technical service market will be more obvious.

In professional applications, LED display products to meet the needs of professional applications, will continue to improve professional level, combined with the application requirements of professional LED display products will expand to form of new products and new applications, such as designs city-lighting project of large LED display, LED display of the venue, the traffic in the field of LED display, etc.

3, industry within the rational division of labor and the formation of new industry pattern

With the development of technology and market, the LED display industry in China will gradually increase in the adjusted and have reasonable division of labor, to form a new pattern of the industry. In the whole industry chain, LED device production and display of the leading enterprises in the formation of the backbone enterprises of production, and will redefine upstream and downstream industry division of labor, highlighted the specialized division of labor and collaboration. Maybe at the beginning of the development of semiconductor lighting industry, LED display products production enterprises and production enterprises with vague definition of the specialized division of labor and collaboration, but with the expansion of the market and the evolution of technology products, this kind of definition will become clearer.

In LED display industry, the industry enterprise groups will be appropriate classification, gradually form is given priority to with key control system technology research and development of technology development company, mainly to scale, standardization production products manufacturing enterprises, for the promotion market application technology service enterprises, professional applied enterprise mainly in order to satisfy the demands of professional market, etc.