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LED Gas Station Lamp

LED lamp is a kind of explosion-proof lamp, its principle and explosion-proof lamps are the same, is to point to in order to prevent light surrounding explosive mixtures such as explosive gas environment, explosive dust, gas, etc and the lamps and lanterns of all kinds of specific measures. LED lamp is the most energy of explosion-proof lamps, widely used in oil field - power plant - chemical - oil - forces.

LED explosion-proof lamps, patent area road sealing technology; More in line with national explosion-proof new technology. Belongs to a kind of special industry with electrical equipment, mainly solve the problem of lighting, it includes the chimney of lamp shell, set up in the front lamp shell, set up on the inside of the lamp shell light and battery, the Settings to switch on the surface of the lamp shell, whose character is: the luminous body for high power LED modules, between the light and the battery has a wide input voltage driving circuit; Wide input voltage driving circuit includes constant current chips, the constant flow of chips and battery power supply module, LED module connected to the constant current chip, power supply module and the LED module glue sealing together; For ultrasonic welding between chimney and lamp shell.

It USES LED the characteristics of low calorific value, realize the intrinsically safe explosion-proof, and LED light source long life; The battery in a full charge and discharge at the end of the LED constant brightness; On cooling device, the lamp shell can realize effective heat dissipation of the LED module, to ensure the use of stability, suitable for various industry such as coal, petroleum, railway, flood control and lighting.

More fluoride photoelectric LED gas station lamp specification parameters

1. The explosion-proof marks: Ex II CT6 d

2. Protection grade: IP67

3. The anti-corrosion class: WF2

4. The whole lighting effect: 140 lm/W

5. Input voltage: AC85-265 - v

6. The input power: 80 w, 100 w, 120 w

More fluoride products characteristics of photoelectric LED gas station lamp

With the light of lamps and lanterns is unique, irradiation range content uniform illumination, illuminate Angle of 160 degrees, fully effective use of light; The light is downy, no glare, won't cause homework personnel eyes fatigue, improve work efficiency.

Light source adopts the world's most bright LED, power consumption is only 20% of the metal halide lamp.

Power key parts all choice with the world's top brand, high efficiency, stable.

Adopt unique heat dissipation structure, using heat transfer heat conduction way to accelerate the thermal conductivity, effectively guarantee the LED efficient heat dissipation, so that the LED life can reach 100000 hours.

Flameproof explosion-proof highest level, can be used in various industries flammable and explosive place.

Shell adopts high-tech surface spraying technology, abrasion resistance, waterproof and dustproof, suitable for all kinds of bad environment.

LED explosion-proof lamps do distillery explosion-proof lamp use: should use area road seal design; Flameproof intrinsically safe; Protection grade IP67, corrosion level WF2, waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof.

Application scenarios