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LED Installation Art To Give You A New Sky

If anyone remember last year, in the misty fog haze YuYu alone 100 days of nuts brothers, with absorbing the haze of dust calcined into standard bricks alley walls in Beijing. Last year plan "dust" famous, he returned to shenzhen, after a year of dormant team launched a new program - "artificial star".

Data showed that more than 60% of the world's people have never seen the Milky Way. All the haze and light pollution, looking up at the "star" has become the luxuries could only dream of. Brother team is committed to this time, the nuts in the dense cloud neon flooded city to create a pure "star" for you.

Entire "stars" of about 400 square meters, the dome to 9 m tall, layout simulation distributed in the northern sky. Half ellipsoid awning on layered laid more than 3000 energy-saving lamps simulating light source, light source presents more than 7000 after a black mirror reflection "stars". Exhibition in combination with color, sound, light, shade, to mobilize a variety of senses of participants, using intelligent interactive equipment, create immersive experience.

All over the sky stars, and the mirror reflection of the ground will lead participants toward the center of the universe. In just ten minutes, the couple participant experience loneliness, quiet, surprise, thoughtful, romantic, rebirth and a series of visual experience.