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LED Lamps Will Be Ok? Take You Understand LED Headlamps Exactly What Is The Difference Between Three Thousand And Thirty Thousand

Lao wang recently raised a new car next door, this several days has been praised his LED headlamps to force, I told him "you put the lamp last year to sell at least 10000 / only", Lao wang suddenly happy like pick up the baby. Actually the cost of the LED lamps are falling at the rate of 30%, this year the car on the market basically change the LED big eyes, ordinary folds more than 3000, senior phoenix eye have had enough of kidney transplant. Although the popularity of LED lamps is the trend of the next two or three years, but it has already been formed on the scale, function and effect is different, don't know that you will eat it spends 30000 3000 LED headlight loss!

All say LED shining like the sun, "sun" really that good?

Indeed, the main body structure of the LED lamp is a light-emitting diode, although as early as 100 years ago it was invented, but it is true effect is more than 50 years ago. Is LED by diode cathode electron one-way into the positive release energy in the form of photons, early LED lights only have yellow, as human of p-n section across the electrodes (diode) material research thorough, LED gradually began to emit red, green, orange light, so the LED is very popular in the tail lights, lights on the dashboard.

Sunlight from the white, not from its wavelength, but because it contains the QiSeGuang energy distribution uniformity, through a prism, could find the mystery. So if you want to produce and close to the sunlight of white light, LED lights need at least two blue wavelength and yellow wavelengths light overlay, high purity of blue LED research and development has become the largest threshold. In 1993, the third generation of semiconductor gallium nitride (GaN) to let the high purity of high-power blue leds became a reality, but it was not until the early new century white LED is used in the car.

The drop in temperature, and then the be bored with white LED lamps are pulled

In fact, in the eyes of most consumers, the LED is cool, the biggest advantage of it for the whole car temperament of ascending enough to make the finishing point of the pen. Theory of modelling, independent brand designer fantastical imagination is not bad, such as roewe Vision - R and kei EnLight, but why in production car in the few such amazing models? Except your LED lamps cooling is a technical problem of the car companies.

In Volvo S60 concept on the sense of the future extremely LED headlamps, for example, in the car it up to make us feel cool, but when supply valeo will show a complete set of lamps and lanterns in front of our eyes, it is not just cool it. A two slap large LED lights would be such a complex fan, heat sink and radiator pipe road, which is the core technology, meet the diode strict requirements on the temperature. Manufacturers need to provide both ultra high cooling efficiency and stability, also need to compress the cost of lamps and lanterns, while also maximum retention design modelling.

As LED lamps, zha have high and low good or bad?

In the joint venture brands, all the LED lamps to the entry models are popular, but the choice of different car companies LED lamp is very different, such as Japanese metropolitan accord directly purchase small si and the lamps and lanterns of the assembly. Thanks to the advanced study of Japanese physicist in semiconductor (had to win the Nobel Prize for physics), the Japanese company focused more on the development of the light bulb LED lamps and lanterns, they pursue the lamp life, lighting intensity and the balance between power consumption, so the Japanese carry LED headlight on energy consumption of compression and life quality of performance is more outstanding, have the same pursuit of consumers can be more about LED products in Japan. Such as a new generation of the accord, civic LED headlamp unit is introduced, matching the price is relatively "affordable" within 10000 yuan, it is only in view of their own vehicle positioning and price factors, a penny a points goods, this type of LED can't do intelligent degree of Benz, audi and other companies.

Ashkenazi car basic will adopt the cooperation development mode, they like hella ashkenazi this type LED lights factory established a research and development team, lamp factory is responsible for the solution to the specific production and development of lamps and lanterns, while car companies responsible for LED lamps, electronic control and vehicle docking. Such as Benz with 56 LED monomer composition of intelligent LED with vehicular radar system can become light, following its car or other Mercedes LED lamps will automatically reduce irradiation in height and at the same time adjust the dipped headlights provide the driver with the most clear traffic lighting, and its tail lights at different times when the parking brake or are automatically adjust the brightness, even into the servo steering function, these are all common LED headlamp unit does not have performance. But optional Mercedes LED headlamp unit will spend 30000 yuan, the price is not cheap.

Audi is more malicious, night driving large matrix LED light use high beam all the way, once detected ahead to the car it will automatically shut down several groups of LED light bulb, the driver imperceptibly to help finish other task. In turn, the matrix LED headlamps have far exceeds the dynamic effect of five hair moneys, steering chy-tech LED bulbs will light up one by one, within the warning at the same time also have adornment effect. Although the audi matrix LED headlight only 25 bulbs, but 1 billion kinds of light change pretend bility is elegant and free from vulgarity! At 3, 40000 yuan, of course, the option price is quite touching.

Want to modified or options? Consumers may have to look good!

Actually, from the road, the car safety, to think in terms of new car fall to the ground before the optional LED is one of the most original insurance practice, the only drawback is expensive. If want to late again modified LED headlight? That you have to have a goal. Change a bright enough to cool the LED headlamp unit is not difficult, just want to reach the height of the original factory is not simple. , of course, if you want to change automatically when passing across the lamp to prevent glare cockpit, or do you want to feel the tens of thousands of kinds of light composite modelling, can buy a set with the automatic control system of LED lamps, a treasure to thousands of yuan can meet your demand, only in this way can you find more additional features on LED lamps and pleasure to use.

There is no denying the fact that when the optional LED headlight we all need to pay a lot of money, if your car is a lens of xenon headlamps, just it's focusing performance is very good, then you modified LED lamps, there is no much sense. In contrast to the low end of the xenon lamps and halogen lamps, spend thousands of yuan modification effect promotion effect after a deputy factory of LED lamps are very obvious, the power of 20 w can send out light than you imagine, add a little money can enjoy dazzling, active front lighting safety technology such as fill light. As long as the color temperature is lower than 5500 k, the LED light will be very close to the sun, it brings comfortable natural feeling is unmatched by other light source. And even if your headlights normally open 24 hours a day, ordinary LED lamp stand 10 years is not matter, but is a light bulb can save a lot of money!

Auto LED lamps must be the trend of The Times, but due to technical accumulated enough, foreign high-end LED prices are generally on the high side. So compared to the LED taillights and turn light, LED headlight on independent brand car penetration is still not high. If your car factory does not have LED the optional item, and if you want to experience the LED headlight with safe and efficient, then you can be modified on the premise of legal themselves. When choosing LED headlight assembly, must be comprehensive consideration of its power, color temperature, voltage, current and heat dissipation effect, overall low power close to 4300 k natural light effect of LED is the car companies generally choose! As for the price, the good and evil people mixed up products on the market, the price of thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of yuan, before doing the optional must do their homework, or minutes spent 30000 block is put on the effect of 3000 yuan.