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LED Lights? Energy-saving Lamps? Don't Be Silly Points Not Clear!

In the past few years is the main choice of every household lighting energy-saving lamps, and with the development of social science and technology, people have a higher request to the quality of life, LED lights arises at the historic moment, it is more accord with we advocate green environmental protection concept. Ray today about the LED lamp and energy-saving lamps for everybody who is more suitable for household lighting.

LED lights with energy-saving lamps in addition to the different luminous principle, in environmental protection and energy saving, service life, and has the extremely significant difference in degree of stability.

Compared to energy-saving light, LED more energy efficient. LED energy is twenty-five percent of the energy-saving lamps. This is because the ordinary energy-saving lamps still part consumption of electrical energy into heat energy, while LED lights do not have this problem.

Leds are longer service life. Quality qualification of the service life of LED bulbs can reach ten thousand to ten thousand hours, and the same energy-saving lamps, its service life is between six thousand to six thousand hours.

The LED more environmentally friendly. Mercury is one of the indispensable luminescence materials for energy-saving lamps, as use time grew, energy-saving lamp sealing will appear crack, the mercury will evaporate to air, the air pollution. LED lights have no this aspect of the problem, the use of safe environmental protection.

LED lights on the seismic performance of lightning protection than energy-saving light bulbs. Voltage instability caused by the continuous switch will be far less impact on LED lights energy-saving lamps. And energy-saving lamps if frequent switch, life will be greatly reduced.

The same lighting places, such as bedroom, sitting room, hutch defends the need for the light is different, the most suitable temperature range of LED lighting lamps and lanterns, it should be close to the sun natural white light color temperature range is the most scientific choice.

The light is not white, the better, higher color temperature light close to noon sun, dazzling strong stimulation to the eyes, the low colour temperature is easy to produce fatigue, only healthy light, color temperature and comfortable lighting is that we can see the naked eye.

Then look at the LED lamps and lanterns of choose and buy whether the stroboscope, the lamps and lanterns of stroboscopic will have effect to eyesight. Health LED lights through the adoption of sufficient power constant current drive technology, put an end to stroboscopic phenomenon.

Stroboscopic is imperceptible to the naked eye, there is a small method, can use mobile phone photograph on the lamp, the splash screen picture if there is a fault and jump frame.

Now compared to the ordinary energy-saving lamps, the LED is the price a little bit expensive. In ordinary users, service life, energy conservation, environmental protection, the performance, after all, cannot be directly observed can be intuitive feel only the price, so many users still choose ordinary energy-saving lamps instead of leds.

Leds bring us is not only environmental protection, and health to the body, household act the role ofing and choose the high quality LED commercial lighting, healthy environmental protection, can give you light.