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LED Lights So Popular, Why The Front Fog Lamp Is Still Halogen Lamp?

With the development of science and technology of automobile lamps and lanterns are "evolution", but we have found that in The Times of leds to start flying car front fog lamp is still traditional halogen bulbs! Why don't you switch to LED light source? Today we are going to talk about this.

Halogen fog lamps to LED is dangerous

Actually a lot of friends have such doubt, headlights, turn light, LED lights are wide, why fog lamps or halogen! So they just take fog lamps with LED light source, the reason is that, "" halogen lamp is too dark! In fact, it is not right, nor safe.

Because for fog lamps, need is not the brightness of the light, but light penetration, so only improve the brightness LED light source, driving in the fog day does not give more help will result in greater danger.

The effect of halogen lamp signal is sent

We have already said, in front of the automobile halogen lamp is not just for the sake of lighting. Fog lamps must first have strong penetrating power and high identification; Secondly, requirements, fog lamps will not produce almost total effect hitting the fog light can neither block line of sight, can light up close to the ground again. This is the key for the fog lamp lights from other things so fog lamps can be a kind of active security configuration.

Of the last century, for example, the front fog lamp generally is yellow. But now the yellow fog lamps have been rare, and was replaced by the relatively advanced halogen bulbs, lighting color also became a warm white, can meet the fog lamps in the conditions of use under the premise of auxiliary lighting for vehicles.

Fog lamps design have strict requirements

So for the design of the fog lamps to light irradiation range, Angle and brightness with high technical requirements, is never able to modified casually.

Earlier, for example, some netizens think fog lamps lighting are bright, enough to replace it with a xenon lamp, in this way, you are a lot of the road ahead is bright, but it is also easy to illuminate others, the effect with the high beam, about too immoral to do so. In addition, when in fog weather, strong light produces diffuse and total effect, otherwise all white at the moment, more dangerous!

Ordinary LED lights birth defects

There may be friends will ask, LED light source color temperature cannot meet the requirements? The LED light source is not strong penetrating power? Halogen lamp can do, we do LED lights?

Now a lot of LED lights do color temperature adjustment, actually there is no problem, as now, a lot of household light color temperature.

But the problem is that we used ordinary LED lamp is single crystal LED, the light through the powder synthesis out after a single colors of light, and not made by "red, green and blue three colors (three primary colors can compensate for the continuous spectrum, explain too complex, another day in depth discussion), therefore is unable to achieve continuity in the spectrum. And three color light source of LED lights and cost is very high, so used as fog lamps don't bargain.

Why do some automotive LED fog lamp?

Don't have to guess, be sure someone will ask, why audi will use leds as fog lamps use? Because audi for one-piece design of lamps and lanterns, spent billions of dollars in research and development costs, through various technical means to solve the LED light source the light concentration, the spectra of discontinuous... And so on, and then the assembly to the lamps and lanterns and car. So don't ask why audi USES, because yao you! It is not advertising!