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LED Packaging Market Is Full Of Opportunities For Material Suppliers

In 2016, LED industry began to recover, driven by rising prices of raw materials, such as the LED chip, encapsulation, lighting, power supply chain multiple link in prices.

Although, high power LED lighting applications demand is bullish, but is still very competitive in this field. As the competition, the average selling price or will be significantly decreased. Therefore, the LED packaging manufacturer needs a new growth point and upgrading products to win the market.

In the present times, the market environment, many companies decided to develop a new marketing strategy to achieve differentiation, with the mainstream companies and obtain higher profit margins.

Now, like a car lighting, garden lighting, LED, ultraviolet, visible light, infrared LED, LED LED module and so on have become new applications.

As apple company acquired Luxvue, miniature leds begin to become the new hot spot. Therefore, the development trend of diversification of a strong evidence that is over the past three years, uv LED industry has doubled the number of vendors.

China LED packaging manufacturers have in backlight, lighting, according to the market to obtain a stable market position, now they have been able to very skillfully imitation of foreign advanced technology, to be able to get more market share in general lighting market.

As is known to all, China is now the main manufacturing base of global LED lighting products, mainly OEM and ODM manufacturer has built a factory in China, the development of LED lighting industry wave is pushing for the continued expansion of local market and industry.

With the development of general lighting market, LED encapsulation encapsulation materials can meet the application requirements. To encapsulate the basal, high power density device adopted ceramic base, from $2015 in 684 million, the market is expected to increase to $2021 in 813 million.

For fluorescent material market in 2017, mainly the YAG (yttrium aluminum garnet) patent is about to expire, the market will face a lot of product commercialization, and the pressure on prices. As a result, the field market is expected to grow slower.