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LED Project-light Lamp And LED Floodlight, What's The Difference

LED project-light lamp and LED floodlight, seemingly there, just where is the difference?

LED project-light lamp, also called spot, projection lamp, lamp and so on, mainly used for building decoration lighting, lighting, and commercial space, decorative elements heavier, its appearance has a round and square, because usually need to consider the reason of the heat dissipation, so its appearance and traditional project-light lamp or have some difference.

LED project-light lamp classification:

1. The rotational symmetry

Lamps and lanterns USES rotational symmetry reflector, and will have rotational symmetry axis of symmetry between the distribution of the light installed along the axis of the reflector. This kind of lamps and lanterns of the light intensity curve in concentric circles. This form of project-light lamp in the single lamp lighting, get oval spot on the exchanges, uneven illumination; But more light, the light will overlap, can produce satisfactory lighting effects. If the stadium is commonly used in hundreds of rotational symmetry project-light lamp, installed on the tower around the stadium, with high intensity of illumination uniformity, high lighting effect.

2. Two symmetry plane shape

Such project-light lamp and other light intensity curve has two symmetry plane. Lamps and lanterns USES mostly symmetrical cylinder reflector, and the linear light source along the axis of a cylinder is installed.

3. A symmetry plane shape

Lamps and lanterns of the light intensity curve only a symmetry plane (figure 2). Cylindrical reflector lamps used by the asymmetric or symmetric cylinder reflector and limit of the light. The most typical is the sharp cut-off piece of retraction form light distribution. This kind of light intensity distribution of single lamp can get more satisfactory illumination distribution.

4. The asymmetric shape

This kind of lamps and lanterns of the light intensity curve symmetry plane. Mainly USES the light intensity distribution differences of the different kinds of light source mixed light illumination lamps and lanterns and use a room according to the specific requirements and design the special lamps and lanterns.

LED project-light lamp features:

On the market at present commonly used LED project-light lamp is basically choose 1 w high power LED (each LED components will have a high photosynthetic efficiency made of PMMA lens, its main purpose is the secondary distribution of LED light, which is secondary optics), there are a few companies handle well because the cooling technology, and choose the LED 3 w and higher power. Suitable for big occasions flood lighting, building lighting, etc.

Project-light lamp what other things need to pay attention to?

1. The most accurate, high purity aluminum reflector, beam reflection effect is best.

2. A symmetric narrow Angle, wide Angle and asymmetric light distribution system.

3. Open behind replacement bulbs and easy maintenance.

4. The scale plate are provided convenient adjust the irradiation Angle of lamps and lanterns.

LED project-light lamp by microchip control, in the small engineering applications, can be used without the controller, can realize the gradient, jump, color twinkle twinkle, random, alternating gradient dynamic effect, also can be controlled by DMX, pursue, such as scanning effect. At present, the main place for application about these: monomer architecture, historical buildings facade lighting, building light outside the local lighting, landscape lighting, indoor lighting, billboard lighting, medical culture and other specialized facilities, bars, dance halls and other places of entertainment atmosphere illumination and so on.

LED floodlight is a kind of can be all directions even illuminate the point light source, it can adjust the illuminate of scope, performance in the scene for a graphic is octahedron. Floodlight is one of the most widely used in rendering production source, standard floodlight used to illuminate the whole scene. Can be used in the scene more omni, to produce a better effect.

Omni is the most widely applied in the rendering of a light source, can be used in the scene more omni coordinating role, to born good results. Ground illuminate uniformly in all directions from a particular point object, use it to light bulbs and candle analogy is best. Omni can be placed anywhere in the scene.

For example, can be placed outside the scope of camera, or is the inside of the object. In the cosco distance of the scene using many different colored floodlight is very common. These floodlights can mix and dark projection on the model. Because the illuminate of omni range is big, so the omni light effect is very easy to predict, and the lights and many auxiliary USES, for example, place the floodlight near the surface of the object position, will create a bright light on the surface.

Note that floodlight can't set up too much, otherwise the effect will appear dull and inflexible. In the usual rendering production, pay more attention to realize lighting parameters and layout of the entire rendering scene feeling the effects of light, accumulate more experience, the collocation of good lighting skills.