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LED Street Lamp Project: Say Goodbye To The Integration Of Design, Modular Light Source LED Street Lights Maintenance Problems

At present, the conventional LED lights on the market in addition to poor heat dissipation, drive power quality problems caused by the short life, maintenance and overhaul inconvenience also to some extent, limits the LED street light on the traditional street lamp replacement. Conventional LED lights with the integration of the integrated structure, if the damage in the LED light source, the scene is unable to change, can only be integral replacement or return for repair of lamps and lanterns, waste of resources, and time consuming. In order to solve the above problems, the use of modular light source of LED street lamp application delivery.

What is a modular light source of LED street light?

LED street lamp of modularization refers to the LED street lamp made a several LED light source in the light distribution and heat dissipation and IP dust-proof waterproof level structure integration module, a lamps and lanterns is composed of several modules, not like original and install all the LED light source in a lamps and lanterns. The modular light source of LED street lamps and lanterns is composed of three parts, one is the base of lamps and lanterns, 2 it is the light source module, 3 it is to drive.

Base of lamps and lanterns used with fixed light pole and carrying a light source module and a simple protection; Light source module is a collection of light distribution, heat dissipation and protection function in the integration of modules, is the core part of lamps and lanterns; Drive to provide energy, can be placed within the lamps and lanterns, can also be separated under the light pole.

LED street lamp modular have what advantage?

1, LED street lamp of modular design is convenient to maintain. Changing drive if the drive is broken, if the LED light source module is damaged, change damaged module, if the LED light source in the future life of mature or product upgrades, as long as according to the parts can be replaced, no overall change of lamps and lanterns; And the weight of the weight of a single module is lower than the whole lamp, convenient disassembly, if there is a LED lamp bead damage, also do not need to remove the whole lamp maintenance, only need to repair or replace the corresponding LED module. So, LED street lamp can live fast maintenance, and most of the parts can be recycled, effectively prolong the lifecycle of the LED street lamp.

2, the modular design can effectively solve the power of the LED street lamp type LED module of heat dissipation device, the photosynthetic efficiency, life and other issues. On the one hand, between the module and a vent, be helpful for automatic cleaning of air convection and lamps and lanterns; Through transforming the light body structure and components, on the other hand, will focus on the cooling configuration to each module pixel independent cooling, no heat conduction of the insulation resistance, the heat generated by the each module can be distributed in a timely manner, and heat more effective and sufficient. So, can greatly reduce the LED road light, effectively improve the LED street lamp lights, ensure the service life of the LED lamps and lanterns.

LED street lamp, modular development process

Although LED street lamp of modularization has many benefits, but for now, because the heat dissipation, waterproof, light distribution, parts can be replaced at will, with any sodium lamp shell on the adapter, and many other key technical barriers, hinder the formation of modular LED street lamp.

In order to promote the LED street lamp modular process, national science and technology support plan "semiconductor lighting application system integration and demonstration of key projects for industrialization of high reliability, modular LED technology deployment. Research content includes the structure of the high power LED street light, the light source module, interface standardization, specification seriation, simple operation of the LED street light products.

In addition, the national "863" project, standardized, modular LED road lighting and intelligent control system development and demonstration, the module type high-power lamps and lanterns design also is one of important component.

Production QC - RL015, Chen "- A modularization LED street lamps, the LED street lamp adopts the high-power LED lighting unit, standard modules with special lens design, facilitating the large-scale production of lamps and lanterns, installation and maintenance more convenient, effectively reduce the late maintenance costs, and greatly improve the cooling efficiency of the high power LED lighting module, LED street lamp life and maintenance efficiency has A qualitative ascension and leap.