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LED Wall Lamp Error

Jan 03, 2017

As we have learned in recent years as people's living standards rise and the growing concerns on energy topics such as the environment, consumer demand for energy saving and environmental protection and a healthy and comfortable life and higher. In terms of lighting, choose greener, energy becoming the mainstream of society, healthy lighting products and LED to its energy-saving, environmental protection, efficiency and life performances, their widespread use has become an inevitable trend. But consumers in the purchase of lights should also pay attention to the following errors:

Errors, some w LED bulb light replace w incandescent lamps.

Truth: do not speak because of the incandescent lamps are usually nothing but the wattage lumen, over time will affect consumer purchasing fixtures customary. LED technology is different from incandescent bulbs, LED luminous efficiency due to continuous development, so the wattage does not represent the number of lumens. Some manufacturers in the packaging is similar to the "40W incandescent lamp replacement" sign to help consumers.

Myth: LED power greater brightness brighter.

Positive solutions: General LED the lumens for bright and dark light (LM) to measure, LED lamps of different power output in lumens (LM), the higher the more energy-efficient. For example: 5W, 6W LED bulb compared to higher lumen output 5W 6W, then 5W lamp is actually more energy-efficient than 6W.