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Leds Unknown Secret

The launch of the white light LED lights mainly consisted of 450 ~ 455 nm wavelength of the blue light stimulate phosphor powder, including lower wavelength firing ability are more strong. Usually the wavelength of LED light source are controlled within 500 nm, generally is 450 ~ 455 nm or 455 ~ 460 nm, belong to a stronger transmission band. If the wavelength change, stimulate phosphor ability to drop, luminous efficiency will be lower. Some manufacturers in order to pursue the brightness, usually to strengthen the blue LED light intensity, the eye if the long run, such a source will damage from blue eyes.

In addition, the LED light on, the longer the greater the light source of the phosphor decay, leads to a blue light is more and more intense, so as to cause harm to the human eye. So the eyes see the LED light source for a long time, easy to produce, dizzy, uncomfortable feeling, will cause harm to eyes, even causes the risk of eye diseases to rise. So, don't have long watched bright LED light source.

Leds emit cold white light line too strong (light color temperature is too high), reading in this light can feel dazzling, cause eyestrain. Why is this so? Within a matter of fact, human eyes, yellow area in the macular area slants thin, retinal pigment epithelial cells populated, after retinal choroid blood capillary density, weak reflection, so the color is dark red. For young children is a reddish-brown color. Yellow is the most acceptable Light instead of white light, which is why under the yellow light will feel soft and comfortable to read and write, and under the white light will feel dazzling or the fundamental cause of fatigue.

The eye is development, growth under natural light. The best light source for people is the natural light scattering, has the following features:

☑ continuous uninterrupted light, no light and shade change in a short period of time, no stroboscopic.

☑ around 3000 ~ 4600 k color temperature, color temperature is moderate, with a soft yellow light, suit to reading needs; In 4700 ~ 5500 k color temperature, and high color temperature, light dazzling white. At sunset light color temperature in 2000 k to 3000 k, the color temperature is low too yellow; At noon, the sun is close to 7000 k color temperature, color temperature is too high, too bright too dazzling.

☑ spectrum by a variety of visible light in a certain proportion of mixed light, the monochromatic light.

☑ direct sunlight and natural light is near the window are usually very strong (illuminance values for thousands of tens of thousands of Lux), shoulds not be long time to read and write in the light.

All "the lamp that shield an eye" the goal is to let the lamp light close to natural light characteristics as far as possible. Because of the OLED without any processing pure state equal to the spectral distribution of natural light, so the OLED can be said to be a very healthy and green light close to natural light. OLED lighting has become the new choice of fashionable personage, will become the mainstream in the future.