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Look In The Face Beauty? Tell Me About The LED Lamp

Hurried day short, winter is coming, we should be a scene, to talk about technology, light and warm.

Household phototherapy equipment is mainly divided into two categories, one kind is difficult to copy the laser instruments, another kind is relatively easy to copy of LED equipment. Let's begin with relatively easy to copy today, is more controversial LED instrument talked about.

Merchants to household LED cosmetic instrument to find a good birth - NASA, America's space agency, the department in the United States in the large one, should be after the FBI (FBI) and CIA (CIA). Have such a background, let a person feel this stuff all of a sudden high many, space technology, quality assurance, ever!

However, NASA about what to do with LED beauty instrument? NASA do not actually LED beauty instrument, but LED grow vegetables. "Mars rescue" male master in the plot of potatoes you have impression on Mars, the part of the vegetables in the space station is the station of their own, after all came from the earth to sit the rockets to the space station to send cabbage does not pay attention to.

In order to improve the vegetable production, NASA is thinking about using high-energy red leds (chlorophyll to red light absorption maximum) to enhance photosynthesis, later the technology became? Nine times out of ten did not become, or "rescue" Mars men grow potatoes should be red.

Then do the project company for NASA to find red leds can alleviate the situation of cancer during radiation and chemotherapy in patients with oral ulcer, and the effect is quite obvious, so he developed a product called Warp, 75, the product is LED cosmetic instrument takes.

Then various research institutions found that red leds can be used to accelerate the wound healing (promote) fibroblast proliferation and reduce inflammation reaction (a reduction in the macrophages releasing hormone). The Word! This is a good (mai) fruit (dian)! So beauty instrument based on LED technology have sprung up one after another. LED cosmetic instrument was born on tall, but LED technology, the technology itself is a lousy street no barriers, so the homework copy up effortlessly.

Warp 75 the status of the company some time at first, also please experts out ridicule other companies copy homework carelessly, see experts with competing goods that a look of contempt, and with a Warp 75 serious face, take a look at 75 lights together as a result, Warp looks warm, should be no can do now. Later as the Warp power in 75, also no one care about the broken pieces back together again the effect of a piece of red.


LED cosmetic instrument biggest advantage is safety, no stimulation, apply to almost all the crowd. However, like to protect skin to taste, moderate and efficacy is always a trade-off. LED cosmetic instrument working time is not generally slow, even ensure daily use, basic is 8 to 12 weeks to see results. Eight to 12 weeks! This is absolutely a set against humanity!!!!! We already accustomed to the crash 15 days six words, 17 days GRE words, even lose weight I think "28 days lazy man plan reducing weight" is the limit of human, if which book "84 days let you become young," said estimates are not sell.

What businesses rely on that to motivate users to stick with LED instrument? The price ~

International first-line brand LED beauty instrument, such as the LightStim for wrinkles and the Light Talika Duo +, prices are set in the hundred dollars, the recent domestic more fire Exideal loin lamp, a set of equipment of a treasure incredibly want to overseas online shopping price of nearly five thousand yuan, is simply to make the gods cry!

However, I have to for these big business strategy point of praise! Imagine, if big LED cosmetic instrument sold for 300 yuan a, few girlfriends perfunctory itchy people try a home, less than two weeks, to put aside to hold the result? Is, of course, everyone together fun instruments regardless of the cheating! However, if the instrument to sell for $300, or fob, several girlfriends only buy small sweet, in the small, little love, little yi can only watch as, regularly ask small sweet, very not good? The effect how? That you said the little sweet crustily skin of head also want to insist on a few days more?

That such an expensive and bad use of instruments, why still can live so long? Because the LED instrument or have an alternative. For those with sensitive skin, a sister of safety without stimulus instruments such as LED nature is preferred; In addition, the blue LED in acne is indeed a surprise effect, because the topic of acne is a very deep, I'm going to write an article alone, ha ha ~

If you have been saving up money for a long time just to buy a big row lamp or LightStim, that I advise you still save the money to consider lasers and radio frequency instrument. If you are right LED instrument for acne, I advise you to see better in the next article demon then laid hands on him. If you must proceed with a LED cosmetic instrument test your endurance, I advise you on taobao photon tender skin for a few hundred pieces of apparatus, small demon understand, before we mentioned these big, in the core parts below this is basic on leds are chosen (2 dollars but the price of 50).

In my understanding of this industry, even the copycat products, should also can not find a cheaper alternative products, so feel free to buy, don't buy too much, to hold away also don't love ~