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Metal Pushing Intelligent Lighting 2016 Or Speed Up The Ground

Two years a session of the Frankfurt international lighting and Building technology and equipment exhibition (Light + Building) come.

This year's Frankfurt show a big enterprise at home and abroad, is particularly lively. Is reported in addition to the Austrian Zumtobel, osram and other international giants, opple, wood Tomlinson, the starlight, hon photoelectric, mitsuo aurora, foshan lighting, chau Ming science and technology, think twice fila acoustics, lighting, honest science and technology LED to more than 30 Chinese companies have also brought new products. Intelligent lighting to become this year's Frankfurt show in the most dazzling products.

Nearly two years, although the concept of intelligent lighting in the domestic fired, but a lot of the personage inside course of study says, "don't hit" good still is one of the biggest embarrassment of intelligent lighting market.

Market prospect is bright, is tortuous development process, what intelligent lighting is a "ghost"?

"Intelligent lighting use comes from the wisdom of the city's needs, is a new market. Intelligent lighting products mainly around realizing that move light, color, and other functions to design, which can better realize lighting lamps and lanterns of color and light." Deputy general manager of Shanghai think Wang Ying hua said, with the improvement of living standard, the growing demand for the lighting applications, the use of intelligent lighting also gradually extensive.

The addition of the Internet, or can speed up the deliver the popularity of intelligent lighting.

At present, many LED companies has reached a cooperation with Internet technology company, vowed to do big intelligent lighting industry.

It is understood that philips international lighting fair in Frankfurt on shows the world's leading intelligent interconnection LED lighting technology, intelligent lighting products and solutions. ActiveSite's smart + connected lighting system based on cloud computing, managers as long as through the Internet access system, can be in any corner of the global monitoring, maintenance and management of the whole building lighting.

Intelligent lighting developers Gooee, vice President John Couch said that by 2019, the Internet of things technology of intelligent lighting system will be in the aspect of software and services to bring about $550 billion in revenue for the industry, and hardware sales of income of just $50 billion.

Intelligent is the trend of the development of LED lighting, lighting market big cake, present domestic and foreign companies are in the stage of layout. "In 2016, mitsuo aurora, intelligent lighting will be listed as a focus on developing products, mainly household, landscape layout, office and other places of lighting." Mitsuo aurora, brand management center manager Li Quan tell leds.

With the development of the domestic research and development of intelligent lighting production technology and product promotion of strength increase, the hot intelligent lighting will "take root ground" in the market.