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Much!!!! This Kind Of LED Lamps And Lanterns With The Candle Can Light Up

Speaking of LED lights, I believe you will not be unfamiliar. In general, are based on the battery or ac power supply for energy, can be normal use. However, in the eyes of designers, to see people who just want to be a good love LED lights, must want to have their own unique characteristics.

Today, we'll look at a very chic LED lamp, it can use the candle for fuel, is very eye-catching. Stylist says, this kind of LED lights made full use of the principle of physics, the heat energy into electrical energy. Transformed into electrical energy, stored in the internal battery, to drive the LED light emitting diode luminescence.

In order to meet the needs of different users, this candle LED lights have many colors to choose from, including white, fans, red, blue, and so on. At the time of use, place the candle on the bottom of the lamp, lighting it and wait a moment, you can start lighting use. Overall view, the new LED lights very unique creative, without using the battery or power supply, used for emergency use, is indeed a good choice.