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New Energy-saving Lamps, LED Bulb Light Is Introduced

Because positioning in alternatives to traditional incandescent bulbs, as well as its appearance is similar to incandescent lamp form spherical illuminant, so this type of alternative leds is called LED bulb light. This kind of lamp can be either as a light source is installed on the traditional lamps and lanterns, such as desk lamp, droplight, etc; And can be installed separately on a simple lamp holder of chimney directly as lighting source, so this kind of lamp type has the largest market capacity, the market has always been for the LED the importance of the enterprise.

一, LED ball steep light compared with the traditional characteristics of lamps and lanterns

LED bulb light to replace there are two kinds of traditional light source: incandescent and electrical energy saving fluorescent bulbs.

Compared with traditional lamps and lanterns of the two types of LED bulb lamps and lanterns has several obvious advantages:

1, energy conservation and environmental protection

LED bulb light under the same brightness, power consumption is only 1/10 of the ordinary incandescent lamp, about half of the energy-saving lamps. This is mainly by the LED ball steep light the whole lighting effect has close to 100 lm/W, and the characteristics of high efficiency of lamps and lanterns. If the LED ball steep light to replace traditional incandescent bulbs 50% of fluorescent lighting, save electricity in our country every year is equivalent to the sum of one of the three gorges power plant generating capacity, its energy-saving benefit is very considerable. And, if the alternate energy-saving lamps can thoroughly solve the heavy metal pollution problems in the process of CFL recycling.

2, healthy eye

The LED is a healthy eye light source. Dc drive LED lights, no stroboscopic. Compared with the traditional fluorescent light, no ultraviolet component is harmful to the human eye. With high color rendering, easier to restore objects. The dimming performance is good, not to occur any error in visual color temperature changes. Low calorific value, cold light source is safe to touch. These are the incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp. This is a can not only provide comfortable light space, and can well meet the demand of people's physical health, the light source is to protect eyesight and environmental health.

Due to the LED chip light emitting area is small, the luminous intensity per unit area is high, so for a long time for the LED point light look, could lead to eye discomfort or visual impairment. LED ball steep light general design has well mask to scatter the LED light, realize the large Angle illumination, so the LED ball steep light won't cause any damage to the human eye.

3, human intelligence

Lighting is the highest realm of architectural space without any trace of common lamps and lanterns, but can make people feel bright, but can't find the light source. The ubiquity of lighting can't see the shadow, "fan" is the highest embodiment of humanization lighting, embodies the perfect combination of light and human lives of humanized design. Only has the characteristics of the LED is such a humanized lighting is possible. In addition, the LED can be compatible with all kinds of intelligent design, to combine people's mood and atmosphere to realize intelligent lighting light color adjustment, realize the real human nature. Based on all kinds of communication technology LED ball steep light has been able to realize intelligent dimming color mixing, combined with the future smart home such LED bulb light will become the new trend.

Light and human relationship is a eternal topic, "people see the light, I see the light", it is the classic words will change the future designers understanding of LED lighting lamps and lanterns.

Second, LED ball steep light relative to the technical characteristics of other LED lights

LED bulb light LED lighting is one of the most technically difficult class of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns, this is because the LED ball steep light volume restriction, application environment has lead to LED ball steep light in some aspects, such as special difficulty:

1, the heat dissipation problem

The relatively small size of LED bulb light, but require more power under the small volume. Some business requirements in excess of 100 w alternatives to traditional incandescent lighting places or over 40 w energy-saving lamps, so must meet to the requirement of LED bulb light more than 15 w, but this kind of lamps and lanterns and LED bulb light reach the A60 ~ A75 size, the resulting heat dissipation problem is general methods are difficult to overcome. So the ball bubble lamp mostly use aluminum material for heat dissipation structure, difficult to like small power LED bulb light with other materials, such as ceramics, even plastic to make the heat dissipation.

2, insulation safety problems

Unlike other LED lamps and lanterns is installed on the top of the building, some LED bulb light is installed in the lamps and lanterns of desk lamp and so on, easy to direct contact with this kind of lamps and lanterns, so have a higher requirement for insulation safety, put forward the high insulation level requirements in some countries and regions, therefore must use isolated power supply, or USES the insulation shell material. In addition, in order to prevent burns, some also requires the shell temperature can not be more than 60 ° C.

3, light Angle problem

LED ball steep light type of application is installed inside the chimney of a desk lamp, wall lamp, such as lamps and lanterns, in general, its installation is not the general vertical lifting, therefore requires the light Angle is greater than 180 °, this is what LED chip light is difficult to directly implement, so we need to cooperate with the appropriate mask to achieve large Angle glow. Design coordination luminous efficacy and light Angle has become a new problem in the design of LED lamps and lanterns.

Third, a new type of LED bulb light is introduced

In many public places, commercial and industrial lighting field, the traditional incandescent light bulbs, lamps and lanterns USES more than 100 w and above 40 w energy-saving lamps, these areas need to be more high power LED lighting lamps and lanterns, LED ball steep light in particular. But most of the ball bubble lamp power on the market at present only cover 3 w ~ 12 w range, the LED ball steep light is difficult to meet the lighting of these areas.

Applications based on these, the "light cone technology independently developed a high-power halo LED ball steep light, the power range covers 15 w ~ 20 w area, can replace incandescent light bulbs, more than 100 w and above 40 w energy-saving lamps. The biggest characteristic of this kind of ball steep light, use the latest patented technology "bypass type hole heat dissipation structure", in combination with high performance LED chips and power supply, under the A70 small volume has realized the power of 20 w, luminous flux exceed 2000 lm.

The main characteristic of halo LED ball steep light is as follows:

1, small volume, big power, to meet the needs of a variety of lighting environment, can perfect instead of 30-65 w energy-saving lamps;

2, high transmittance and mask, a uniform light is soft, no glare.

3, using E27 / B22 common interface, easy to replace;

4, using imported LED chip, the design life of up to 50000 hours, the whole lamp warranty for three years, reduce maintenance costs;

5, elegant appearance, the lamp body is made of high quality aluminum, with unique ring out smooth, more clever and atmosphere;

6, surface sandblasting anode oxidation or electrophoretic processing, a variety of colors for customer choice;

7, products through the CE and RoHS certification, safe and reliable.

Product has a very wide range of places use, can replace the tube lamp, absorb dome light, droplight, wall lamp, garden lamp and so on the light source inside the lamps and lanterns, department stores, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, workshop, warehouse, garage and other places of lighting requirements, is the best choice of the alternative 30-65 w energy-saving lamps.





















AC 85-260V













The four, LED ball bubble Lantern Festival can benefit analysis

As public consciousness of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emissions reduction has increased, more and more people begin to choose the LED as lighting choice. Possible for most people use a LED light is what impact to the environment is not very clear, we can do a simple calculation, see using an aura of LED bulb lamp, a year how much we can save electricity, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

Use an aura of 20 w LED bulb lamp to replace a light 65 w energy-saving lamps, use 8 hours a day, we can save electricity bills a year shown in the table below:






















We can see from the graph, the use of an aura of LED bulb lamp, can save electricity 105.12 yuan a year. According to experts: each managing 1 spends report, corresponding saves 0.4 kg of standard coal, at the same time reduce the discharge of 0.272 kg of carbon dust pollution, 0.997 kg of carbon dioxide sulfur dioxide and 0.015 kg, 0.03 kg nitrogen oxides. So can reduce 131 kg of carbon dioxide a year. Use 10 halo LED bulb lamp, reduce emissions of carbon dioxide equivalent to born in the year of a 50 trees absorb carbon dioxide a year. Use LED lights, which saves the earth limited resources, protect our living environment.