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Osram, Philips Are Betting On Intelligent Lighting, The Layout Is Accelerating

And the philips lighting, traditional lighting, one of the big three osram layout is also to speed up the intelligent lighting business. Although the two companies are selling general lighting "key point" of the business, but this does not hinder its search for a new profit growth point.

Osram has decided its intelligent lighting business (LIGHTFY) and digital lighting sector (DIGIITALSYSTEM) merger, in order to combine both advantages, create brilliant achievements. The move is bound to create synergies, promote the development of osram in the world.

Both home and commercial building decoration, LIGHTFY demonstrate the future of wireless lighting towards us. Using a smartphone or tablet on the mobile APP, different mood can be expressed by the colorful light. LIGHTFYPRO is the world's first mobile applications can use to set up and control of the professional lighting system.

Last year, China's domestic lighting market from the traditional lighting products to the transformation of the LED lighting products much faster than most people imagine. In the industry, lighting market is divided into two parts, one part is the size of the oriented market, this part of the market is relatively standardized products, compared with the quality, more important to you the cost of it.

In this area, represented by osram multinationals are falling market competitiveness, compared with domestic LED lighting enterprise production scale, cost performance and fast import of automatic production line, are gradually catch up with and even more than multinational companies in certain products. Past LED lighting industry, due to the fierce competition, the whole market is a "red sea" fight for the pattern, price, channel, marketing propaganda is a common competition.

With the rapid development of LED lighting industry, lighting market has since last two years have v, LED the international giant split, exit lighting business, China's LED enterprise integration, mergers and acquisitions, run, rise, and so on, the global LED lighting market in the twists and turns.

From the perspective of the distribution of the world, as DiJiaHua lighting coming trend in recent years, China LED manufacturers gradually rise, the market share from 5% in 2009 to 25% in 2015, is growing very quickly. The other part of the market more emphasis on its technical, trait, including customer service, requiring all aspects in the field of technology. Intelligent lighting is one of the typical representative.

LIGHTFY was founded in 2013, generated sales of 20 million euros every year. In large activity like the eurovision song contest, LIGHTFY intelligent lighting has become the symbol of the osram creativity. In march this year, osram launched LighTIfy smart bulb in the end market. Osram Lightify have a separate Hub, use a mobile phone application scan QR code can realize the connection, also has a switch, adjust color onew function.

The past two years, LIGHTFY team has established a solid business foundation. "Now is the time by internal synergy, stepped into the stage of global growth." LIGHTFY innovation research and development department, founder and chief TimonRupp said. A merger with DS will create suitable conditions for this competition. LIGHTFY had past with other business departments have close cooperation, successfully completed the wireless lighting network layout. This merger is a combination of two sides with DS advantages, make both parties together to become more powerful. "After became LIGHTFY early investors are waiting, I warmly welcome LIGHTFY team to join DS, together to written chapter of success." DS, chief executive of GeertvanderMeer said. LIGHTFY has a compact structure, flexible and entrepreneurial way of working. In these characteristics at the same time, will also play a synergistic effect with the business department. Wireless lighting network is the key of the osram digital strategy.

Therefore, osram board will keep a close watch on the merge process. "I want to thank LIGHTFY team performance and hard work over these years," said Dr StefanKampmann chief technology officer: "whether in the process of the merger or merger is completed, I will continue to provide help and guidance as a personal tutor."

In addition to the integration of their business, osram are acquisition of companies external quality. Recently, osram acquired 47.5% stake in a Dutch Tvilight software experts, to further expand in urban intelligent lighting system of professional skills. In addition, Tvilight for osram wisdom city solutions provide light sensor technology and intelligent management software. Tvilight according to osram official, acquisition of the shares, it is osram light solutions for growing city intelligence demand response.

Intelligent interconnection lighting is osram one of the focus on professional lighting system solutions. Osram has get a leading position in the field of urban outdoor lighting. After Tvilight products to join, osram to further consolidate the leading position in the field.

Previously, osram asia-pacific President Samuel wu said, integration of resources will be osram one of the main direction of the future. "We will consider various types of strategic partners, we can consider some of the products inside, can be in terms of product, channel, brand, complementary stronger partners, the purpose is to achieve the effect of 1 + 1 > 2." The strategy of intelligent lighting layout is not osram a strategy. CEOEricRondolat said earlier this year, philips lighting, the company decided to OLED devices business to a professional partner, which will focus on business and resources, development of intelligent lighting system innovation.

At the same time, GE big moves in the field of intelligent lighting also attract a lot of attention. GE announced earlier this year, in collaboration with industry leading qualcomm and apple, promotion of intelligent lighting products. Since then, GE said it would launch a new variable color LED intelligent bulb, products will be listed at the end of the year.

According to the data shows, in 2018, according to the size of the market is expected to more than $70 billion in global intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting market will be further release. In addition to philips, osram, GE and sharp and other international giants in them, many well-known domestic enterprises is also sniffing around the new business new opportunity of "blue ocean". Learned, wood Tomlinson, op, sunshine, mitsuo aurora, swan goose and marsh companies such as pioneering in the field of intelligent lighting layout.