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Recent LED "giants" Launched What Exciting Product?

In recent years, with the rapid rise of the domestic LED enterprises, even in various kinds of cross-border acquisitions deal or no deal, vigorous. Giant is giant, on should be in one of the leading enterprises in the industry of the sustainable innovation research and development ability. This article selected the recent including philips lighting, osram, GE, sharp, many international famous companies, such as the launch of the latest products, distinctive catch a glimpse of the application of technological innovation achievement.

Philips lighting:

Recently, philips lighting officially released ZhiRui desk lamp the second generation. The product was originally launched in late June millet the raise, has a common word "7" modelling, the light is white, and has WiFi module, which can adjust light by millet intelligent household App. According to introducing, philips ZhiRui desk lamp the second generation in appearance used aluminum alloy + silica gel material, continuation of the design of its rich sense of science and technology, "7" character can be convenient for bending angles, meet user different lighting needs, and desktop center of up to 1200 lux (lux), can be used for drawing and other fine work.

At the same time, the product has joined a number of intelligent software and hardware configuration. The design of the double light source can better solve the frequent switching, both inside and outside the light produced by the strain problems; Can also through the built-in high precision optical sensors through changing perception lighting environment, automatic adjust the lamp brightness and touch panel backlight brightness. In addition, philips ZhiRui desk lamp the second generation to continue to cooperate with millet on smart + connected lighting. In addition to the basic key operation mode, can also be smart devices such as mobile phone including the lights to turn off the lights, regulating mode, and so on the different operations.


Osram is the latest product PointLED and FireflyE1608 high brightness green and bright red LED, they can provide better design flexibility, specially used in mobile phones, include fitness data tracking and health monitoring. Among them, the red light is suitable for used to measure the blood oxygen concentration, and the green light is suitable for measuring the pulse. Osram products can match a variety of sensor applications together. More PointLED brightening, is green light can lead to better performance and a clearer signal. Firefly1608 is narrow between the special wavelength of bright red color, about 660 nm, can provide a better signal recognition.

In the two green leds and a bright red PointLED are series of products, in the green light PointLED luminous density of about 20 milliampere (mA) electricity flow MCD. 1800-1800. In the wear device can provide better than the previous generation of output signals, stronger. It also represents the series under the same signal of lower energy consumption, about 50% can maintain additional battery endurance. And the two colors are series has the characteristics of closely packed, can let the customer enjoy greater flexibility in design. It is understood that bright red narrowband wavelength of 660 nm is a special, quite suitable for such applications. Green light LED luminous density is a typical 1400 MCD, wavelength of 525 nm. Two leds are 0.8 super-small mmx1.6 mmx0.6 mm encapsulation.

Hollande Vance:

especially LED to replace traditional lighting lamps and lanterns of types of products, is a rapid growth momentum. Import like smart dimmer function, LED the market potential is tremendous. Osram, a subsidiary of hollande Vance (LEDVANCE) will replace the traditional halogen lamp first introduced the whole glass LED lamps and lanterns. This part of the new product is expected to half made in Germany.

Traditional lighting is the peak season in a year in October, hollande Vance will launch a series of new products, MR16, PAR16 shell are all made of glass material, and have dimmer function. From this year began on September 1, the European Union has banned the halogen lamp (traditional R63, R80 halogen lamp) listed circulation. The adoption of glass material, these LED alternative products and traditional halogen lamps are very similar. Lumen value of about 575 lumens LED light source, lamps and lanterns of pro will also have better color performance, color rendering index above 90, and 40000 hours of life.

Hollande Vance will also launch other glass LED lamps and lanterns, including 19 types of glass filament lamp products of different design, including 60 filament lamp dimming function to replace traditional incandescent lamp, no function of the dimmer to replace 75-100 - watt incandescent light bulb.


Color gamut broader RadiantRed patent technology

GE recently launched wide color gamut, can be used in mobile phones, tablet, computer and television RadiantRed technology, provide the LCD backlight shows overall more wide color gamut and true red. The technology to screen manufacturers to build the brightest and the most brilliant colors LEDHD display screen, can be applied to a variety of devices, including the next generation of mobile devices and high dynamic range imaging (HDR) TV. RadiantRed technology USES six potassium fluosilicate Mn4 + phosphors (PFS), provide the most narrow band of red light to the LED backlight, forming quality is better than the standard show picture. This breakthrough quality promotion for LED backlight display brings broader overall color, red Saturation (Saturation), and a strong contrast.

According to introducing, achieve perfect red effect has been one of the challenges of LED display manufacturers, the representative to make choices on the screen brightness and appearance, because red effect will be slant orange or look darker. GE patent RadiantRed technology is mainly by choosing the most bright red, use wide color gamut and clear color at the same time, to enhance the quality of images. Has more than 50 years of experience in research and development of phosphor GE the use of science and technology will be more bright, true color effectively integrated into the general LED encapsulation. RadiantRed mining system of single chip technology, bring unlimited application, works closely with other parts to use, and can use one to one way to replace the LCD display. At present has been done between GE 10 patents authorized single chip technology suppliers, is offering this kind of goods. At the same time, the technology has also been RoHS approval.