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Russia Prepares To Send 3D Printers To The International Space Station

Feb 10, 2020

According to Russian Satellite Network, Davydov, the head of the Russian Science and Technology Commission and vice president of the Prospect Research Foundation, said that its foundation and Russia Aerospace Corporation have started developing a space 3D printer and will test it on the International Space Station. Components for printing large buildings in space, the Moon and Mars bases.

3D printing

Davydov reportedly said: "We have started manufacturing 3D printers to work in and determine the missions in space conditions. We plan to test the printers on the International Space Station first and use these devices to print tracks in the future. Components of space equipment. "

According to him, in the long run, the possibility of using 3D printers to make buildings on the Moon and Mars bases is being considered.

In 2014, Made in Space tested its 3D printer on the International Space Station. In 2018, Russia was the first bioprinter test in orbit to print human and animal tissue in the world.