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Technology Is How To Change The LED?

Technological innovation is the eternal power to promote the development of, each time the technology revolution will not only change the traditional mode of production, manufacturing mode and the way of production organization, may also will lead to global major changes in the way of human life. In the lighting industry, with the emergence of LED technology, more and more LED products are quietly changes affect our ordinary life, as the Nobel committee awarded to nakamura in two awards word wrote: "incandescent lamp to illuminate the 20th century, and LED lamp will light up the 21st century."

However, as the emergence of the incandescent light bulb overturns the ancient human way of lighting, and fluorescent lamp to replace incandescent lamp, in the long river of history, the LED will surely not a destination. In the comprehensive into the era of LED lighting, LED really able to unify the whole country? LED lighting enterprise will be how to reconstruct the new industry value chain? Reverse the new LED lighting technology has appeared? Who will be the next time the master of?

LED new technology to change human life

At present, the LED after years of development, technology is mature, more widely used. New products, new technology, new ideas, to create the possibility of a more for lighting effects. LED more and more enterprises begin to work from the aspects of technology and added value, is dedicated to bringing the LED more broad market space.

With the advent of LED lighting, "lamp is lighting, lighting just lamp" mind-set will be turning, LED technology will change the definition of the light. A lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, the LED technology will change people awareness of lighting, as the LED light intelligent and optical communication, this age of household intelligent and instrumentation more ideal medium.

In addition, the LED spawned a number of landmark new technology, and is likely to overturn the existing way of lighting and the human way of life. In shortly before the 13th China international semiconductor lighting BBS (SSL China) and the third generation of semiconductor international conference, 2014 Nobel Prize for physics laureate, the American college of engineering at the university of California Santa Barbara, material department professor Mr Nakamura to fix two mentioned three focus on the LED industry new trend, including MicroLED, laser illumination, LiFi, etc.

At present, nakamura two is to improve blue leds, through research and development is completely harmless to the human body purple light LED, build a fifth-generation lighting model. "I company SORRA2010 year in the United States has the purple light LED the transition, in the near future China will also have a purple light LED, not only can this kind of purple light LED lighting, can also be carried out on the water purification cycle."

In addition to the purple light LED, nakamura said Tuesday, his study field of view, after ten years, laser illumination is likely to replace the LED lighting now. "The efficiency of the laser light is LED thousands of times, a laser can light up the area of 100 square meters, can not only increase the projection distance, improve security, at the same time a smaller, more compact structure, and can be applied to more broad level. However, due to laser light price is too high, the utility ratio is not high, believe the future will be a big trend."

Now, in the field of LED technology, research and development of many enterprises are making all kinds of "black" science and technology, the technology may be, apple and Google's robotics unmanned lidar patent, holds the magic of subversion cognition, change your life.

Power technology and new "blue ocean"

New technology will be lighting industry's most important new kinetic energy. With the development of LED technology and market of mature, in the future, LED industry will further enhance industry concentration, the advantage resources will be converged on the superior enterprises. But because before a few years of excessive competition, full of beautiful things in eyes of LED product homogeneity serious, different product price competitive, and LED enterprises also start to look for a new blue ocean. Driven by the rise of new technologies, LED innovation inviting application prospect, LED intelligent lighting, lighting plants, uv LED, infrared LED and visible light communication based on LED new technology and new applications are booming.

Like energy-saving driving across the LED lighting market is changed, the intelligent lighting is a trend of the LED industry, too. Nowadays, intelligent lighting LED has become the most one of the focus of attention. Intelligent home and commercial lighting solutions, lighting places become the bestselling markets, such as intelligent solutions. Industry within the power enterprises are in place to the layout of intelligent lighting, seize market opportunities: op intelligent household strategic cooperation with huawei, and released at the end of August the first cooperation; Hong yan electric appliances with ali smart depth cooperation, layout and smart home system; Award-winning breakthroughs mitsuo aurora intelligence... War brews intelligent lighting market.

In general lighting market competition is intense, environmental health problems, under the influence of the objective environment of increasingly prominent plants gradually become one of the developing direction of the LED lighting applications, each lighting giants have already started to plant layout LED lighting business. After philips LED lighting factory set up plants, osram, light, and other enterprises have also in this area. In addition, many domestic enterprises are involved in. Recently, guang Ming source subsidiary green love to open factories in southern China's largest plants, research and development, the production of the different needs of plant growth lamp; Frequently on the photoelectric also introduced which has the function of plant lighting intelligent product and so on. This shows, the LED lighting plants development has broad market prospects.

Derived based on the LED of the new technology and new applications has become enterprises open up new ways of looking for a new "blue ocean" a shortcut. In early December, god send group co., LTD., vice general manager Wang Gaoyang interview said publicly that hong god send in addition to the lights from A bullish on China LED the market in the future, in other application market segment, such as plant lighting, infrared, ultraviolet, have accelerated in areas such as product layout, there are high power LED lighting plants, uv-a, UV -c and infrared LED marketed products, etc. In fact, can also be seen in recent years, hong god remit is actively plant lighting layout niche market.

The third generation semiconductor material technology LED landscape

Technical change is not only the development of LED lighting industry, with the rapid development of semiconductor lighting industry and the wide application of LED technology and products support LED optoelectronic components of the core material gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC) wide bandgap compound represented by the third generation semiconductor material technology and application is becoming the new strategic highland of the global semiconductor industry.

As a new type of wide bandgap semiconductor material, the third generation of semiconductor materials in many applications has incomparable advantages: the first two generation of semiconductor materials such as high breakdown electric field, high saturated electron velocity, high heat conductivity, high electron density, high transfer rate and other characteristics, which can realize high pressure, high temperature, high frequency and high radiation ability, known as the solid-state light source, power electronics, microwave, radio frequency devices "core", and optoelectronics and microelectronics industries such as "new" engine.

From the application scope, the third generation of semiconductor field but also has strong discipline, wide application field, industry association, etc. In semiconductor lighting, a new generation of mobile communication, smart grid, high-speed rail transit, new energy automobiles, consumer electronics and other fields have broad application prospects, is supporting information, energy, transportation, national defense, etc. The focus of the development of new materials.

For a long time, the core of the LED lighting system is made of gallium nitride LED chip. On the market today, the use of gallium nitride chip three mainstream technology route, based on sapphire, silicon carbide substrate, silicon wafer preparation. Among them, the sapphire GaN base LED semiconductor lighting market leading position all the time.

Besides sapphire, SiC as GaN epitaxial substrate use most of the material. The present global SiC wafers almost monopoly by American Cree company, its shipments accounted for more than 85% of the global total, lead to the high prices. The Cree companies rely on their mastery of the key technology such as preparation and LED epitaxy SiC crystals, gradually realized from SiC substrate to the LED epitaxy, chip packaging, lamps and lanterns design complete lighting device industry chain, monopoly over the SiC substrate LED lighting industry. As early as 2013, Cree company reports LED luminous efficiency is more than 276 lm/W. The Cree LED lighting industry's annual output value reached $1.2 billion, the size of the market is growing rapidly. Thus, SiC substrate LED in lighting industry, the size of the market to be reckoned with, showed a strong market competitiveness and technological competitiveness.

Because our country is relatively backward in the first two generation of semiconductor materials technology, countries are now actively the layout of the third generation semiconductor material technology. Along with the advance of the third generation semiconductor material technology, will further change the pattern of the LED industry.

At present, in all sorts of new technology, driven by domestic and international environment is undergoing profound changes as the ministry of science and technology vice minister cao jianlin, a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution is creating new historical opportunity, semiconductor lighting and stood in the new starting point of history. Facing the new situation, in order to meet the challenges and opportunities, semiconductor lighting industry will continue to keep pace with The Times, continue to promote cross-border, innovation, integration and development, continue to open mind, embrace change.