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The First 3D Printed Homes In The U.S. Go On Sale Starting At $450,000

Mar 10, 2021

In recent years, 3D printing technology has gradually matured and has been applied in more and more industries. In the field of construction, what are the latest trends in 3D printing? According to foreign media reports, the first batch of 3D printed homes in the United States is now on sale, with prices starting at about US$450,000 each.

3D printed houses

It is understood that these houses use a hybrid structure, the first floor is constructed by 3D printing, and the second floor is constructed by traditional methods. The internal area of the residence is approximately 1000-2000 square feet (approximately 92-185 square meters), and the unit types range from two to four bedrooms.

The project team stated that the materials used in this printing are stronger and more durable than traditional building materials. At the same time, houses built with 3D printing technology are safer and will help better withstand natural disasters such as fires and floods. It is worth mentioning that 3D printed houses can be built within a few weeks.

It is reported that this residential project is mainly responsible for the 3D printing company Icon. Previously, Icon had developed a 3D printed residential project in Mexico. Icon said that the US project is expected to be completed this summer.