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The Height Of The Wall Lamp Is Better

Now the decoration, the wall lamp is essential for a lamp, its use, you can contrast the atmosphere of the room more elegant, rich, warm. However, the installation of wall lamp height will also directly affect the entire lighting effects, the height of the wall lamp is more appropriate? Next, let us work together to understand the height of the wall lamp installed it.

Under normal circumstances the installation of wall lamp height should be slightly more than the horizon of our eyes, probably from the ground to the wall lamp height of 1.8 meters can be. This position is more appropriate, not less than 1.8 meters, strictly speaking, the height of the bulb from the ground shall not be less than 1.8 meters, otherwise it can not be called a wall lamp. There should be no effect of the wall lamp should be.

Bedroom wall lamp height and the living room wall lamp height can be slightly lower, about set at 1.4 meters to 7.1 meters in this area is better, there are infants and young children's home should pay attention to the installation of bedroom wall lamp height Should not be less than the scope of the child playing in the bed more appropriate, or dangerous to the baby is not good.

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Wall lamp height problem solved, so big guy know how much the wall lamp protruding wall distance? Tell everyone wall lamp protruding from the wall in the distance of about nine centimeters to forty centimeters are more appropriate, but do not need too rigidly adhere to this little, because this generally depends on the style of the wall lamp you choose.

By the way, to remind everyone considering the height of the wall lamp, the wall lighting should not be too bright, so more artistic appeal. The choice of wall lamp shade should be based on the wall color, white or creamy wall should be light green, light blue shade; lake green and sky-blue walls, milky white, light yellow, brown shade. In this way, in a large area of the same color wallpaper wall cloth, dotted with a prominent wall lamp, giving a sense of elegant and fresh.