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The LED Blue Light Have Damage To The Eyes?

LED lamp is after the incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp of a new type of light source, high luminous efficiency, but lots of people with its luminous principle and spectral characteristics do not understand, hard to avoid can worry about it will light damage to the eyes.

Three colors of leds

From the spectrum, with leds light with the traditional incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp light is very different, the so-called "spectrum" is refers to the objects of light due to a "rainbow".

The traditional incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp light, like the sun, has a "red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet" these 7 kinds of color.

However, generally only the LED light of the "RGB" this 3 kinds of color, which R is red, red light; G the green, it is green; And B said blue, is blue light.

These 3 kinds of color LED to 400 nm to 500 nm of "blue LED" is the most important, is also the most basic.

Where is the blue?

Look at the this "rainbow" picture. From left to right, followed by uv, visible and infrared light. In which the wavelength of visible light range is from 400 nm to 700 nm, and from 400 nm to 500 nm wavelength range is blue, so the band is called blue light.

The basic unit of light called photons, the wavelength of the photon is inversely proportional to the frequency and the wavelength of the blue light is short, so high frequency.

White LED is how a white light?

So, what is how to produce the kind of white LED home of white light? In this paper, we have already said, on the blue light photon energy is high, so use it can stimulate fluorescence. General with a blue LED the blu-ray in the fluorescent powder on yellow light is produced.

Yellow light is blue light stimulated, together they shot out from the inside of the LED, we saw the white light, feeling as if in fact it's just a blue and yellow colors mixed together compound light.

Because of this principle, so a lot of manufacturers in order to improve the brightness of white LED, directly increase the intensity of the blue light, yellow light, that may increase, and finally form the brightness of the white light is increased, but this will cause we will be in this paper to explain the "excessive" blu-ray.

The actual measure LED light spectrum

Below are different types of white LED the spectrum of the measured curve, we can see between 400 nm to 400 nm, "blue" is a very strong peak.

That means looking hair white light LED, but in fact it's spectrum was indeed contain strong blue part.

The influence of blue light on the retina

So, since the blue light is white LED "mother", what kind of is the eyes feel about blu-ray?

In people's eyes to receive light organization called retina, if 400-500 nm blue band of light brightness is too high, eyes look after for a long time may cause of retinal photochemical injury.

This damage is mainly divided into two categories: blue light directly with the vision of the photoreceptor cells reaction generated by the visual pigments, as well as blue and retinal pigment epithelial cells in the fat brown reaction caused by injury. The photochemical reaction produces a large number of cellular toxicity of free radicals, destroy retinal cells growth and normal work.

Life LED blue light of excessive testing standards

A, the normal manufacturer marketed products through national quality inspection, not blu-ray excessive risks. But there are some LED lights manufacturer does not pay attention to control the intensity of the blue, blue in their production of LED lamps and lanterns is "excessive", there are blue light radiation damage to the eyes.

Life, there are many can emit blue light source -- bath bully, flat-panel displays, LED neon, fluorescent, LCD monitor, tablet, phone, etc are background light source, they contain short wave blue light. If the blue is "excessive", will affect the retina, so should avoid using eyes light source, and pay attention to the use of time, eye closure every 20 to 30 minutes to rest for a while.

For sale on the market of LED lights, how to determine the LED blue light overload is a complicated problem.

In line with love the Angle of the eye eye, recommend buying LED lights when choose the lamps and lanterns of blue light intensity is low. Conditional people can take the spectrometer to measure the leds light spectrum - if the LED lights the intensity of blue light than the sun's strong blue a lot, don't buy that.