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The Next Three Years Wisdom, More Than 10 Billion Yuan Street Market Scale Policy Dividend Hot New Blue Ocean

Shenzhen is vigorously promoting the construction of information infrastructure, make the city more wisdom.

Municipal people's representative won on the CPPCC said recently, road lighting is an important part of urban public facilities, perfecting wisdom city construction, making wisdom light pole with a variety of application system, can combine zhuhai road existing street lamp, street lamp resource construction of wisdom "in street light as the carrier, to promote the wisdom of the shenzhen city construction, will become a trend in the future."

Won says intelligent street lamp can not only meet the public wireless WIFI function, support functions of public broadcasting and loading public security cameras, and can install the charging module, built-in transformation charging pile, by reserved interface, can also support the mount of all kinds of environment, meteorological detection module.

"These features set at an organic whole, can form a complete energy-saving wisdom city street lamp system." He suggests that new type of intelligent street lamp under the impetus of the government to standardize the operation, and through the enterprise and the government, telecom operators and Internet ecological cooperation, integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, we will accelerate reform of the shenzhen information infrastructure of the supply side. "Let people more to enjoy the advantages of big data."

Urban lighting positive energy smart LED lights change. In fact, IDC predicts that by 2019, there will be 180 million streetlights to realize conversion. Light pole is the precious real estate resources, far more than just lighting a function. For example, could serve as a wi-fi hotspots, environmental sensors, such as abound. In the modification of lamps and lanterns, increase of these new features to maximize investment returns.

In recent years, Shanghai think twice and other enterprises are also speed up the wisdom the layout of the street lamp. Institute of research in accordance with the high production of LED (GGII) forecast, the next three years the global wisdom street market scale will exceed $6 billion, which benefit for China's urbanization and urban policies, such as dividend wisdom, the size of the market is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.

Last year, 20 on the "tall" compound light pole ZuoAn door west street in Beijing. These light pole can lighting not only, still can give a electric vehicle charging, for cell phones connect WIFI, video monitoring road information, monitoring PM2.5, release the information such as temperature wind pressure...

At present, in addition to Beijing, think wisdom lights have been applied successively in more than 10 cities and think twice to tangible results laid the street lamp leader position in the market of the wise.

The system can implement the municipal big data collection, statistics and analysis, is one of the most intelligent street lamp project for wisdom city operation. The total amount of nearly 30 million yuan, hit a similar project.

"Although the idea is very good, but belongs to the pilot stage at present, there are still unsolved problem temporarily", zte co., LTD., wang, director of energy products division scheme, said the first question is who is going to run, different operators, will have different focus, if communication operators, for example, in street lamp of wisdom scheme, may not use the relevant part of the city function.

And if the city construction to operation, is likely to be in the plan does not involve a part of the communication. "So full of the wisdom of the street lamp solutions or the main part, who, who will build, who's going to run a huge problem." Wang said.

Bullish on the entrance, not only has LED lighting enterprise, huawei and zte communications giant also high-profile, in intelligent street lamp lighting wisdom city layout, focus, giants, and no doubt increased the degree of intelligent street lamp "hot war".

"We are seeing the light pole, is a light pole carrier development city of Internet of things", huawei iot pass product director ang lee won, said the scope of the Internet of things is very broad, very suitable for lighting as iot location.

A street lamp huge power consumption, high energy consumption of the traditional street lamp, mismanagement is easy to cause waste; Second, street lamp's point is very dense, a wide range of geography, the "dumb" street lamps are difficult to manage maintenance, operational management cost is very high; Three roads, as a skeleton of a city, light pole best network load position, in the absence of iot, lamp posts can play a big role in the alert, once connected to the Internet, the function can be bigger.