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The Protective Mask Produced By Boeing Is Officially Delivered, 3D Printed And Reusable

Apr 11, 2020

As the first batch of companies in the United States to invest in the production of medical protective equipment, Boeing delivered a batch of reusable face masks to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on April 11, local time. Using 3D printing, the first batch of masks delivered was 2,300.

The masks are currently being transported by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the relevant convention center in Texas, which is currently being used to treat local patients with new coronary pneumonia.

These masks use the current advanced 3D printing technology, which can be reused after cleaning and disinfecting, which greatly reduces the hospital's consumption rate. Boeing said that its current planned production capacity is about 1,000 per week. After the relevant supply chain and equipment are improved, the production capacity is expected to gradually increase.

In addition to the use of 3D printing technology for the main body of the mask, other parts of the mask were donated free of charge by the relevant suppliers. So far, Boeing's production line of protective masks, masks, goggles and protective clothing has been on the right track, and its production capacity is gradually improving.

In addition to Boeing, American industrial manufacturing companies Ford, General Motors and Tesla are already producing medical equipment such as ventilators. Most of these industries have adopted advanced production techniques, using existing auto parts, saving A lot of medical resources.