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The World’s First Case Of Four Bionic Cat Paws, Amazing My 3D Printing

Sep 09, 2020

    Surgeon  Sergey  Gorshkov  used computer tomography and 3D modeling to implant Ryzhik with four artificial titanium claws. The  operation  achieved  good results.  The  prosthesis did  not break, and the skin grew together with the bone, attached to the titanium metal. The prosthesis in the body is spongy, and bone tissue can grow in it.


The world’s first case of four bionic cat paws, amazing my 3D printing(图1)

      The main application area of bio-3D printing technology is medical and health care, such as printing artificial tissues for drug testing, and even printing  organs  that  can be directly transplanted 3D printing technology can also be applied to animals, giving them chance to rebirth. When a  3D printed prosthesis is used, it will give a deformed, damaged or sick animal a second life.


The world’s first case of four bionic cat paws, amazing my 3D printing(图2)

       3D printing has been constantly changing the  face  of  prosthesis  manufacturing.  This technology reduces the production cost of the prosthesis and makes it easier to obtain. It also realizes 100% customization, and the use of flexible materials makes the prosthesis more comfortable to wear. In addition, the technology can adjust the prosthesis well to adapt it to the growing body.


        Not only that,  3D printing can also print to replace animal products,  so  as to achieve the purpose of protecting animals. For example, the 3D printing company in New Jersey, USA,  announced that it  has successfully  developed 3D printed leather  without requiring animals to provide raw material. The current valuation of the global leather market is about 100 billion  US dollars, and the main products are luxury handbags, shoes, furniture and so on.