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Three Major Development Trends In 2017 Domestic Led Lighting Industry

1. policy shift, China for the led lighting industry

Because during the past decade, the Chinese government to spare no effort to support the led lighting industry, has invested a lot of resources to subsidize enterprises promote led lighting domestic ratio. Now, China is already the world's largest production base of led lighting products.

But more upstream MOCVD equipment or part of the material or can only rely on foreign companies. So the future of China's policy will encourage industrial innovation, and pay more attention on the basis of the upstream materials, such as the development of wide bandgap semiconductor, or Internet of things era intelligent lighting applications.

2, low power, illuminant of type of replacement products will quickly improve permeability

Due to the led street lamp, ball steep light and lamp illuminant of type of replacement products, such as specification has gradually standardized. Combined with various lighting brands actively, under the promotion of many countries are now led street lamp, ball steep light retail price has been close to the traditional energy-saving lamp price.

Looking ahead to 2017, various lighting manufacturers continue to looking for cheaper solution, in addition to the price of led lamps and lanterns, the led lighting manufacturers began to focus on driving power supply and other components if there are price cut space, hope to achieve lower cost through the overall system design solution. The lighting brands hope to expand product sales through the retail price of cheap and to improve market share. So replace type light source products permeability will be rapid ascension within three years.

Third, the prospect of the intelligent lighting light, but the bumpy road

Although the led manufacturers for intelligent lighting cried blasting ring, but, in fact, sales is not as expected. The main reason, in addition to the price on the high side, the key problem lies in whether the additional features provided by the intelligent lighting to suit the needs of consumers. At present the additional function of intelligent lighting is likely to stay in the remote remote control and color and color temperature changes, but most consumers do not seem to be willing to go extra pay higher premiums for these functions. Intelligent lighting combined with Internet of things, will have the opportunity to produce more additional value, but it involves a long list of supply chain and ecosystem, so still need long-term observation.

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